C.D. Dodd Scrap Metal Recyclers in Perth

C.D. Dodd Scrap Metal Recyclers are leading providers of safe scrap metal recyclers in Perth, Western Australia.

With state-of-the-art facilities and a business-wide focus on recycling scrap metal in a sustainable way, our team at C.D. Dodd are well-prepared to deal with all your scrap metal needs.

As West Australian locals ourselves, we take pride in knowing the ins and outs of our clients’ needs – with a range of premium equipment to fulfill any niche requirements.

Accessible Across WA

At C.D. Dodd, our staff and top-quality fleet of vehicles are on call to reach customers in all corners of WA, available to collect any unwanted scrap metals from your business. We service everyone, from local commercial companies to large industrial corporations.

We offer a flexible service for mine site clean ups and demolitions across WA, with our Kalgoorlie plant available for scrap metal and battery recycling services in the Pilbara.

Choosing to work with us also gives you peace of mind – we have over 50 years of experience as industry leaders in metal recycling in WA, which has made us trusted name both nationally and internationally.

Unbeaten Safety Record

With a clean safety record that abides by all Government acts and regulations, C.D. Dodd has solidified a reputation as a reliable scrap metal recyclers in Perth, WA.

Dedicated senior safety personnel work with our wider team to ensure abidance with all local and national guidelines, as well as keeping up to date on global safety conventions.

Each employee undergoes extensive training in applicable fields alongside accredited health and safety training. In addition, many of our staff have also had extensive careers in the metal industry, which assists us as a company to continuously improve and adapt to the industry standards.

With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, our employees are dedicated to looking after our clients through prompt professionalism and service.

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