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Battery Recycling

Western Australia’s full-service recycling experts

As part of our state-wide commercial recycling services, C.D. Dodd provides battery recycling and disposal for commercial clients and community partners. With multiple battery recycling depots across the state equipped with the latest technology, we are one of WA’s largest lead-acid battery recyclers.

Our mission is to provide a safe and responsible way for businesses and communities to dispose of used batteries, ensuring they are recycled in an environmentally-friendly manner. From regular collections in the Pilbara to convenient battery drop-off points in Perth, we are proud to serve the entire state.

Solving your battery recycling challenge safely and sustainably

C.D. Dodd works with established battery collection and recycling partners to provide safe removal and transportation for all batteries. Our fleet of collection vehicles is approved to transport batteries and licensed by the DWER (WA Department of Water and Environment Regulation) to carry out collections throughout the state.

By investing in an extensive collection network and offering competitive payment for old batteries, we are actively addressing the e-waste problem. Safe, secure and cost-effective battery disposal is just one of the many ways we help Western Australian businesses solve their recycling challenges.


Car battery recycling


Mine equipment batteries


Electric vehicle batteries


Battery retailers and wholesalers


Local Government solutions


Community battery drives

Scrap Metal Recyclers in Perth - Metal Recycling Company in Perth | C.D Dodd
Scrap Metal Recyclers in Perth - Metal Recycling Company in Perth | C.D Dodd

The highest safety standards

C.D. Dodd has maintained an impeccable safety record throughout our 50-year history. We understand the importance of safe, sustainable and efficient battery recycling. We follow strict safety protocols and hold ourselves accountable to the highest safety standards.

Each team member is specially trained and our extensive safety management planning ensures strict processes are in place for collection, transportation and recycling. Make the safe call. Partner with C.D. Dodd, the state’s safest and most efficient battery recycling and disposal specialist. 

Scrap Metal Recyclers in Perth - Metal Recycling Company in Perth | C.D Dodd

Sustainable battery recycling

Sending batteries to landfill has a high financial and environmental cost. We are actively working to reduce waste and save our customers money by providing flexible battery collection and recycling services.

As well as our a fully-equipped Perth metro facility, we provide regular collections in regional areas and on-site battery recycling in Karratha and Kalgoorlie. Our highly trained team takes every precaution to ensure safe and responsible handling, transportation, and processing. For our clients, that means peace of mind and unparalleled service.

Scrap Metal Recyclers in Perth - Metal Recycling Company in Perth | C.D Dodd

Partnering with local communities

We are committed to safe and responsible battery recycling that benefits local communities. As part of this mission, we help to organise battery drives that raise funds for local causes while safely disposing of old batteries.

Our team’s extensive experience will support your organisation to arrange a stress-free and successful battery drive. We supply detailed guides on safety and best practices, from handling and packaging to transport. Get in touch with C.D. Dodd to learn more about organising a battery drive.

Scrap Metal Recyclers in Perth - Metal Recycling Company in Perth | C.D Dodd

Western Australia’s full-service commercial recycling partner

From local battery disposal solutions in Perth to mine site decommissioning in regional and remote areas, we are the state’s leading commercial recycling provider. Trust 50 years of commercial scrap metal recycling experience. Trust the latest battery recycling technology. Trust global safety accreditations.

Trust C.D. Dodd to solve your recycling challenge.

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