Commercial Scrap Metal Recycling

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Commercial Scrap Metal Recycling

Safe, sustainable scrap metal recycling in WA

Make the safe call with C.D. Dodd. As Western Australia’s leading scrap metal recycler for over 50 years, we pride ourselves on an impeccable safety record and industry-leading solutions. Wherever you are in WA, trust C.D. Dodd to solve your scrap metal recycling challenge.

We specialise in mine site demolition, industrial metal recycling, hazardous material disposal and scrap metal collection anywhere in the state. With state-of-the-art facilities and uncompromising safety standards, we are equipped for any challenge and trusted by the state’s biggest companies.

Reliable metal recycling near you, wherever you are

We have worked hard to build a collection network that covers Western Australia. No metal recycling challenge is too large or complex for C.D. Dodd, thanks to our specialised fleet and highly trained team.

We provide end-to-end turnkey services to plan, manage and execute metal recycling projects. From small pick-up bookings to complex full-site clearance and rehabilitation, we can tailor a solution that meets your requirements.


Full site demolition


Clean-up and rehabilitation


Machinery and equipment removal


Building extractions


Safe, efficient metal recycling

How recycling your car or fleet helps

Accredited against the world’s highest standards

We take every precaution to ensure the safety of our employees, clients, and local communities. Our highly trained team follows strict safety protocols, ensuring our work meets our client’s expectations and upholds our 50-year track record.


Quality management system

1 Ico

Environmental management


Occ. health and safety


Reliability and competence

Scrap Metal Recyclers in Perth - Metal Recycling Company in Perth | C.D Dodd

Premium metal recycling services

C.D. Dodd is known for service and solutions that exceed expectations. Thanks to an extensive export and end-user network, we offer global service and guaranteed revenue for high-value contracts.

We understand that scrap metal recycling requirements vary widely across Western Australia. Although we specialise in commercial projects such as mine site demolition, we have a full range of services for small and mid-tier customers.

We supply collection containers free of charge, from plastic bins, kibble containers and skip crates to roll-on vehicle bins.

Scrap Metal Recyclers in Perth - Metal Recycling Company in Perth | C.D Dodd

Sustainable metal recycling in WA

As part of the WA community for over 50 years, we are committed to continually reducing our environmental footprint. We do this in a number of ways: 

  • Collection containers made from recycled metal
  • Energy-efficient scrap metal recycling technology
  • High yield, reducing primary production requirements
  • Multi-stream metal recycling solutions
  • State-wide lead-acid battery recycling

We are also the industry leader in safe, sustainable site rehabilitation. Owing to our extensive experience and highly qualified leadership team, we can safely and efficiently dispose of hazardous material, dangerous scrap metal and metal structures.

Scrap Metal Recyclers in Perth - Metal Recycling Company in Perth | C.D Dodd

The metal recycling team you can trust

Each member of the C.D. Dodd team is highly qualified and experienced in scrap metal recycling and mine site decommissioning. As well as assigning a dedicated Safety Manager to significant projects, we undertake thorough safety management planning to ensure we uphold the highest safety standards.

It’s important that our people get home safe every day, our clients are satisfied with our work, and the local community is better off. These precedents guide our work whether we are collecting scrap metal or undertaking a full site deconstruction. There is a reason C.D. Dodd is Western Australia’s trusted scrap metal recycling specialist.

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