How can the mining industry be more environmentally friendly?

Australia’s mining industry is one of our country’s supportive backbones, providing not only valued resources but a vast amount of jobs. Mining has bolstered our economy in more ways than one, even aiding WA to stay afloat during a global pandemic.

Looking forward, the power of mining can be focused on productive ways to improve its negative environmental impact. Creating a more sustainable model through mine site recycling means more security for vital raw materials without risking shortages, while limiting pollutive excavations.

The worldwide shift toward a greener economic landscape has encouraged mining companies to reduce their carbon footprint. Adapting to a circular economy where recycling is invested in is possible via thorough mine site demolitions with C.D.Dodd, ensuring this vital sector continues to evolve, and thrive.

Harnessing the circular economy

In 2020, the 76 million tonnes of waste created within Australia contained over 10 per cent metal. Scrap metal recycling is a key way to reduce overall waste, while supporting the availability of affordable metal material to create the products we use each day.

A circular economy harnessed the approach of designing these many products in a durable means. Raw materials and waste products are optimised and primed for reuse, once the item’s lifespan has passed.

Rather than creating these products to break down, mine companies can recover and reuse many of the resources used during excavation, allowing a regenerative cycle to be followed.

Sustainable mine site demolition

Metals are perfect for a circular economy, with their inherently robust, anti-corrosive properties allowing them to be reused again and again without any reduction in their strength or longevity. Without recycling, metal scraps end up in landfills, where environmental pollutants and a lack of space are an ever-increasing issue.

Smart resource management through expert mine site recycling empowers the mining industry to be more sustainable. This circular approach reduces pollution, reuses valuable metals, and minimises waste.

As well as embracing mine site demolitions and clear-outs by expert recyclers, companies who trade in metal can work to focus on metals with high-recyclability. Combining intensive recycling rates with a growth in demand for recycled metals can positively impact both producers and consumers, along with energy benefits.

How metal recycling makes an impact

Incorporating dedicated mine site recycling into their business model allows mining companies to become stewards of our precious natural resources, protecting them by investing in their important reuse, as well as their removal from the earth.

Conserving resources by safeguarding our limited supply of raw metals also boosts energy benefits, with much less power needed to recycle scrap rather than using raw materials to manufacture new usable metals.

The financial benefits from scrap metal recycling are also a boon to mining companies, with reusable copper, brass, steel and aluminium all fetching competitive market prices.

Sustainable mine site demolition with C.D.Dodd

Operating as long standing industry leaders makes C.D.Dodd the dependable choice for mine site demolition and clear outs. Extensive experience with scrap metal recycling for all leading industries here in WA makes it possible to tackle any size mine, while offering competitive prices for scrap.
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