Kalgoorlie scrap metal recycling

While it may be time for a Spring clean, there’s never a bad moment to clear out your work yard or business premises. As well as creating more space for a safe and productive home or work environment, removing any used goods and unwanted materials with metal scraps can become an additional revenue stream.

Working with leading experts in Kalgoorlie scrap metal recycling allows you to work smarter not harder. Simply book a mine site clear-out or flexible scrap removal service and allow the expert team at C.D.Dodd to take care of the rest!

The benefits of extensive industry experience

Having operated as a trusted supplier of wide-ranging scrap metal services for over 50 years – from mine site clearouts to innovative metal recycling practices – the knowledgeable team at C.D.Dodd applies niche knowledge and industry-leading skills and techniques to each project.

Well-established premises fully equipped with superior recycling machinery and equipment are situated in Kalgoorlie on Coath Rd, as well as in Perth and Karratha. Reaching some of the most remote areas of WA is of high importance to C.D.Dodd, who strives to provide efficient collection services to homes and businesses regardless of location.

A wide range of efficient scrap services

There’s immense value in adding space by clearing out. The accumulation of recyclable materials on your commercial or residential premises is not only a safety hazard but prevents the use of potentially profitable spaces from being effectively utilised.

C.D.Dodd understands the need for fast and effective scrap recycling and collection services., and offers a broad range of customisable bookings for projects of any size, scale, and location:

  • Scrap metal collection
  • Ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal recycling
  • Battery and circuit board recycling and disposal
  • Mobile unit for remote collection services
  • Mine site demolitions and clear outs
  • Commercial and industrial demolitions
  • Oil & gas demolition
  • Marine salvage enterprises
  • Equipment and plant sales

Leading Kalgoorlie scrap metal facilities and equipment

Like any prosperous mining and industrial area, Kalgoorlie relies on a multitude of supportive sectors for support. Efficient scrap metal recycling is one of these vital categories, ensuring safe mine site demolitions and cleanouts as well as thorough building extractions and scrap removal.

C.D.Dodd operates a high-functioning scrap yard with premium recycling facilities easily accessible from Kalgoorlie and the surrounding area, establishing themselves thanks to efficient collection services top-quality vehicles and recycling equipment.

An expert team is dedicated to ensuring businesses have a smooth and lucrative experience when scrap metal recycling; including recycling bins and crates offered free of charge.

Expert scrap metal recyclers at C.D.Dodd

A focus on leading safety practices and adaptable, innovative scrap metal recycling have cemented C.D.Dodd’s position as the best-equipped scrap yard and collection service that is widely accessible across WA. Offering a wide range of Kalgoorlie scrap metal services, there’s no recyclers more efficient or dedicated to the job.
Contact the helpful team at C.D.Dodd to book a scrap metal service, or to discuss any specific requirements you may need for mine site demolitions and clean-ups in and around Kalgoorlie.

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