Mine site clean-up processes

Mining products fuel the world, from steel vehicles to copper wiring that carries our electricity. As fruitful an industry as mining has become, it also creates many waste products during the excavation process.

To create a more sustainable industry, capable of remaining both safe and profitable in the long run, it’s imperative to carry out a complete mine site clear out post operation that includes mine site recycling.

The following guide outlines the positive steps the mining sector can undertake to reduce waste and increase the reuse of valuable products, and how mine site clean up experts like C.D.Dodd are uniquely placed to help.

How mine site recycling works

The mining industry produces an immense amount of waste, from building and rock materials to recyclable metal parts and scraps. The majority of waste is stored in tailings and slag heaps, with the amount of residue metal ore determining its economic value (whether it’s worth the time and energy to extract reusable remnants).

quality mine site demolition focuses on a more straightforward means of metal recycling, collecting and sorting all forms of scrap metal materials for reuse – from machinery and equipment to buildings and unwanted scraps around the site.

Mining waste management

Mining waste varies from harmless to hazardous, and therefore requires different processes for safe removal and reuse.

  • Soil and rock moved for ore extraction can be sold for reuse or saved for mine site rehabilitation.
  • Tailings (ground rock particles) are typically stored as a watered mix and when processed safely they can be used within construction.
  • Slag recycling allows non-metallic components to be used in concrete or road construction.
  • Scrap metal recycling prepares all formats of metal remnants for reuse through expert purification and reprocessing.

The importance of experienced mine site demolition

As well as ensuring all recyclable materials are removed and safely reprocessed, knowledgeable providers of mine site clear outs and demolitions at C.D.Dodd are capable of expertly expunging all debris from these unique environments.

A combination of innovative equipment and machinery with safety-focused operators results in effective mine site demolitions where each regulation is closely adhered to. Fully-equipped mobile units can access sites regardless of scale or location, providing services including:

  • In-depth clean-ups
  • Full site deconstructions
  • Building extractions
  • Detailed removal of all metal equipment
  • Scrap metal collection for recycling
  • Waste removal

Invest in a thorough mine site clean up

To guarantee effective site rehabilitation with a thorough mine site clean up – a legal requirement for the mining sector – it’s essential to work with expert teams trained in intensive clear outs of mine sites.

From ferrous and non-ferrous metals to batteries and engines, C.D.Dodd have the expertise and capabilities to safely remove mine site remnants in adherence to environmental guidelines; electrical cables, drill rods, mill balls and liners, machinery parts, equipment, and construction scrap.

Work with mine site clean up experts at C.D.Dodd

Extensive experience working with industrial sectors across Western Australia for scrap metal recycling – alongside an impeccable safety record – has made C.D.Dodd the leading provider of effective mine site clean ups to reduce waste and protect precious ore.
Contact us today to book mine site recycling services, or to discuss wide-ranging options for commercial scrap metal recycling and collection.

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