Things you need to know about copper recycling

The ever growing demand for copper makes recycling it a worthwhile endeavour. As well as ensuring the most is made of this finite resource, the monetary return makes copper recycling a no-brainer for any business or individual.

Copper has a multitude of valuable uses, from electrical goods to plumbing applications, and with limited metals available it’s vital to protect natural resources and recycle wherever possible

Read on to learn more about the environmentally friendly process of recycling copper, and how it can be a great way to make some money.

The impressive sustainability of copper recycling

Copper can be repurposed time and time again, retaining up to 90% of its value after recycling. This innate ability to be reused without degrading increases the value of copper, making it a lucrative form of scrap metal recycling. As copper is non-renewable, it’s vital for our planet to reuse it rather than live with the high energy use and pollution caused by excessive mining.

The majority of copper mined from the earth is still in use in some form or another, showing just how recyclable it is. This is also why the metal’s age doesn’t impact the great fiscal reward given for this in-demand commercial metal.

Key benefits of recycling copper

Copper recycling can be a lucrative endeavour, for both companies and the environment. By reducing the need for expensive extractive mining, reusing copper keeps both retail and manufacturing costs low for all industries.

Saves money

Businesses can not only save money by using recycled copper throughout production, but make money through recycling used or unwanted copper with experienced services providers at C.D.Dodd. Anyone can collect and sell valuable scrap metal like copper and make a tidy profit.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Mining for raw materials is tough on land, water, and air, devastating the environment through toxic runoff as well as risking the health of mining workers. The impressive life cycle of copper means it can be reused over and over, with a 100% recyclable nature resulting in premium products without the need for intensive mining.

Preserves the earth’s resources

Copper is non-renewable, so once it’s used up there is no going back. Continuing high levels of copper reuse protects these valuable natural resources, keeping it out of wasteful landfills while preventing rising production costs.

Effective copper collection

Whether you run a building company with ample scrap metal recycling opportunities, or are a keen collector of copper for personal financial gain, the widespread use of copper makes it ideal for collection and reuse.

Gather up all the copper you can find, looking out for that identifiable red/orange colour; think trash on construction sites, copper wiring, fittings, old appliances and broken white goods. Gather it all into one pile, separating the materials as much as possible, and work with trusted recyclers at C.D.Dodd who have an impeccable safety record as well as highly competitive pricing for copper.

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