What Can Scrap Metal Be Recycled Into

The many benefits of scrap metal recycling are extensive, from keeping useful metals out of the dump, to reducing harmful carbon emissions by reducing the need for raw materials. But what exactly is all this recycled metal used for?

Many industries make great use of durable and adaptable used metal materials, from manufacturing small household items to constructing vast builds of machinery and vehicles – ships, aeroplanes, cars, and more.

The many uses of scrap metal make this one of earth’s most valuable materials, reducing waste and aiding in the creation of new worthy products. Read on to learn what exactly scrap metal can be recycled into.

The many uses of scrap metal

Strong metals like steel, aluminium and copper have a hidden superpower. No matter how many times they’re reused, their original strength is never diminished. Once the material has been cleansed of impurities, it’s ready to be morphed into entirely new useful products.

One of the main benefits of scrap metal recycling is aiding the environment, with significantly fewer greenhouse gases required to repurpose metal than extract raw materials from the earth. From mining waste to transport, reducing the need for new metals makes recycling a highly eco-friendly practice.

Industrial manufacturing

Vital Australian manufacturing industries rely heavily on recycled metal, as it saves them a significant portion of money while reducing their carbon footprint. By working with established scrap metal recycling companies like C.D.Dodd, the industrial manufacturing industry benefits from a wide variety of tough materials, suitable for many different applications.

Common uses of scrap metal for manufacturing include vehicle parts, shipping containers, and machinery production.

White goods

The use of white goods seems inevitable in each household, thanks to the market’s widespread production and competitive pricing. One element that contributes to the many affordable white goods products is scrap metal recycling, allowing the industry to use cheaper recycled metal for a wide range of parts and materials.

There is no difference in quality or strength with a white good made from raw materials for recycled metals. This makes it an environmentally conscious decision to manufacture and purchase goods such as sinks, lamps, fridges, and much more, made in large parts from recycled materials


Metal cans used for food and drinks are commonly used products, seen in supermarkets and kitchen cupboards all over the world. This method of canning is a highly effective method of preserving food, and creating these cans from recycled metal is an incredibly efficient way of repurposing these in-demand packaging items.

An aluminium can is able to be recycled, reused, and placed back on a shop shelf within an impressive 60 days – so make sure to recycle those used food and drinks cans and tins!


One place you may have seen recycled metal being used, without even realising it, is in artwork and sculptures. Sustainable art has been around for a long time, and the use of found materials and scraps of metal are an eco-friendly way to create a unique piece of art.

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