10 things you didn’t know about scrap metal recycling

The business benefits from scrap metal recycling have continued to grow in recent years. Rather than tossing unwanted scrap into an overfilled landfill, savvy business owners can work directly with experienced providers of scrap metal recycling services at C.D.Dodd. Here are 10 important facts about recycling scrap metal.

1. Selling scrap can make you a tidy profit

By simply collecting leftover scrap metal from your work yard or warehouse, commercial industries can build an additional revenue stream through competitive pricing offered by leading scrap metal yards.

2. Collecting scrap metal is easier than you may think

Anyone can make some extra cash from the scrap metal industry, whether you have old vehicles, copper wiring, or discontinued equipment that can be sold for recycling.

3. It protects natural resources

A vast amount of the earth’s precious natural resources can be saved by the consistent recycling of steel and other sought after metals. Preventing unnecessary excavations keeps manufacturing costs low, saving both local businesses money.

4. Reusing scrap increase energy savings

The greenhouses games used to mine raw materials can be minimised simply by reusing metals like copper, aluminium, and steel. The energy savings from repurposing over excavating can be as high as 90%.

5. Reusing metal keeps production costs low

The power of non-ferrous metals lies in their ability to be reused time and time again without degrading. This allows quality products to be made with lower production costs, without expensive mining practices.

6. A large amount of metal objects can be recycled

Once you start to look around for scrap metal, you’ll notice vast amounts of objects and appliances that contain valuable metal components. From white goods and computers, to machinery and wiring, scour your backyard or factory for recyclable metal for harvestable pieces.

7. Consistent recycling is great for the community

Whether you run a local business or a global enterprise, it’s important to show your surrounding community and valued clients their needs are heard. Safe scrap metal recycling contributes to a thriving circular economy, where unwanted parts can be reused by others and harmful environmental effects from mining are minimised.

8. More consumers than ever care about recycling

The environment has always been heavily affected by consumerism, but more buyers than ever are conscious about the positive environmental impact of recycling. Show your target audience your company cares, and committee to consistent recycling of scrap metals.

9. It’s a responsible commercial practice

Businesses large and small have a social and commercial responsibility to carry out safe practices. No company benefits from being an island; operate responsibly and help other local industries by allowing unwanted metal to be reused.

10. The eco-friendly nature is beneficial to your brand

With excessive landfills harming our soil, water supply, and land usage, it’s vital to show your client base your brand follows leading, innovative practices. Recycling metal scraps reduces CO2 emissions, while protecting natural resources.

Experienced scrap metal recycling with C.D.Dodd

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