Safely Demolishing a Worksite

If you have a commercial site that needs clearing, or a mine site that requires decommissioning, then it can be tempting to just complete the work with your own staff or with an affordable demolition company. However, this demolition work is extremely hazardous and shortcuts aren’t a good idea. In this article, we cover the safety requirements of demolition projects and explain why they’re best carried out by experts.

Why Is Demolition Dangerous?

Most construction projects can be dangerous, but demolition is considered especially risky, as there are so many unknown factors involved. Usually, little is known about the building’s structural integrity, so you can’t prepare for what will happen when you begin demolishing it. Also, there could be substances inside the building which are extremely dangerous, such as asbestos. Additional hazards include demolition equipment like cranes and wrecking balls, and the building parts themselves, as they could fly off in any direction. The risks involved with demolition mean that it’s unwise to carry out these projects without the expert knowledge needed to safely assess the situation.

How to Demolish a Factory

Industrial demolition has a high level of risk, as you’re dealing with large buildings with various hazardous materials inside. Most local governments require a permit before you can demolish a factory, and ideally, a professional risk assessment should be carried out as well – you need to make sure the structure is in a stable condition and won’t unexpectedly collapse.

How to Decommission a Mine Site

Decommissioning a mine site is a job for the professionals, as you’ll need to follow Department of Environmental Regulations approved practices, and use specific steps to carry it out safely and efficiently. Firstly, the infrastructure needs to be demolished, then the processing facilities and pipelines have to be taken apart, and finally, the area needs to be cleared. Once you remove everything, you must determine that the site is at an acceptable standard of productive use. The land must be rehabilitated, which means the landforms and structures have to be stable, and the watercourses and drainage systems must be clear.

Let the Experts Handle Your Demolition

An experienced demolition company completes a strict set of steps before demolishing a commercial building, these can include:

  • Securing the area
  • Checking for fire risks
  • Removing power, water, and gas lines
  • Bracing the walls and floor
  • Inspecting safety equipment
  • Ensuring the team is qualified and experienced
  • Systematically removing debris so there isn’t build-up

When the owner of the building decides to demolish it themselves, these steps are often not followed, and it can lead to disastrous consequences. For the safety of employees, and the surrounding neighborhood, it’s essential to choose a reliable demolition company – no matter the project.

Choose a Qualified Company for Your Demolition

Commercial and mine site demolitions are complex projects, requiring a variety of experience in safety and risk assessment, as well as knowledge about creating environmentally sound decommissioned mine sites. It’s not only a good idea to hire a professional company to carry out these services for your business, but it’s also essential to make sure they’re experienced enough to complete the tasks properly. C.D Dodd are reliable scrap metal recyclers in Perth, offering a range of demolition services that meet all professional standards and are completed by a highly qualified team. Contact us today to find out more.

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