Doing Your Part For The Planet

The oil and gas industry has played a major role in developing Australia’s economy. The industry provides employment to over 17.3k workers and its gross value add exceeds 31.4 billion AUD. 

As an oil and gas business owner, you are doing a great job in supporting the country’s economy. However, scrap metal recycling is a major challenge that mining companies continue to face at the end of their operation.

According to ABS (Australia Bureau of Statistics), the amount of waste generated in Australia was 76 million tonnes in 2020. Metal waste accounts for about 10 per cent of the total waste generated. The disposal of these metal wastes creates huge landfill, economic and environmental problems for the communities and mining industries. Growing public awareness and global consciousness of the environmental impact of waste has underscored the need for sustainable waste management.

Luckily, metals can be recycled multiple times without their properties getting altered. You can contribute significantly towards a greener planet by focusing on scrap metal recycling.


Recycling industrial metal uses

Energy savings -Recycling metals has environmental as well as financial benefits. For instance, recycling of steel uses 75 per cent less energy as compared to manufacturing steel using raw materials. The energy needed for producing aluminium from scrap metal is 95 per cent lesser than what is required in order to manufacture the metal using raw materials.

Conserve precious resources -Scrap metal recycling also helps conserve precious natural resources such as iron ore. The mineral reserves are set to get depleted in the next two decades in Australia, while in the world over, metals such as zinc and copper will only last for 40 years more. 

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions -Scrap metal recycling not only diverts metals from landfills but significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. For instance, aluminium recycling reduces carbon-di-oxide ( a key greenhouse gas) emission by 354,000 tons, according to a study.

Offset damage to the environment – Oil and gas companies are expected to step up their efforts to offset the environmental damage due to carbon emissions. Apart from reducing waste to landfill, companies have to recycle their scrap metal to achieve the waste management targets the country has set. Recycling metal eliminates pollution while helping you stay on course with your CSR goals (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Hazard Clean Up

Mining operations are associated with many hazardous materials and chemicals. These can include radioactive waste, hazardous metals such as mercury and waste rock dumps that can be toxic to the environment apart from being health hazards. These materials require a more specialized clean-up that is offered by experienced waste management and recycling professionals.

Start Saving Now

Whether you require mine clean up demolition services or scrap metal recycling, contacting reputed large recycling companies in your area is the best solution. These mining clean up and scrap metal recycling experts buy the scrap materials and offer cash for metal. Large recycling companies have the necessary specialized equipment and training to collect and process all types of scrap metals while carrying out mine clean up demolition and safe disposal of hazardous substances at the end of mining operations. 

A great way to start saving is to partner with C.D. Dodd, the top-rated experts in mine clean up demolition services and scrap metal recycling in Western Australia. With end-to-end capabilities and expertise, we not only optimize cash for metal but help you reduce the time and effort needed to manage scrap metal at your site.

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