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After completion of a mining or construction project, the next step is a safe demolition. From thorough clear-outs to achieving vital environmentally friendly goals, an effective demolition from a knowledgeable approved provider is an important part of the process.

The WA Government rightly has strict conditions around levelling construction projects and a mine site demolition. Acquiring the right licence, be it Class 1 or 2, is essential to fulfil legal obligations and essential approvals.

Read on to learn more about the value of certified demolition projects, and the value of working with an experienced service supplier like C.D.Dodd.

Acquiring the correct licence

There are two forms of demolition licences available in WA, each valid for three years. With specific obligations for each licence, it’s important to acquire the correct approval for any construction or mine site demolition in Perth, be in a Class 1 or Class 2.

Class 1

Relating to demolition work involving a structure of 10 metres or higher – measured from the lowest ground level – this licence allows the full or partial or complete removal of a building, or work affecting the integral structure of a building. It includes work relating to the use of load shifting equipment on suspended floors, tower cranes, explosives, and the removal of fragile roof materials.

Class 2

This licence is suitable for any structure under 10 metres, typically a single story build. From partial to total demolitions, the same conditions apply as detailed in Class 1.

Why a licensed mine site demolition is essential

For all certified demolition projects a licensed person is required to carry out that specific class of demolition work. Having an approved licence is essential in Western Australia under regulation 142S, satisfying the requirements of the WorkSafe Commissioner that a demolition project is to be carried out in the correct, secure manner.

Acquiring the services of an experienced scrap metal company means gaining vital prior experience and key industry knowledge, making C.D.Dodd a safe and reliable option for both Class 1 and Class 2 licensed projects.

The importance of certified demolition projects

Choosing to carry out a mine site demolition with a licensed team to work with is a huge risk, and a potentially dangerous route to go down. As well as creating an unsafe work environment, you won’t fulfil the multiple obligations to the WorkSafe Western Australia Commissioner:

  • Notify the Commissioner a minimum of 5 day before demolition work commences
  • Have a notification form copy on site during the project
  • A copy of the workplan and Australian Standard 2601 – The Demolition of Structures – kept on site

Choosing to work with C.D.Dodd for a mine site demolition in Perth means accessing an impeccable safety record, extensively trained staff, and long-standing experience satisfying WorkSafe obligation for both Class 1 and Class 2 demolition licences.

Certified mine site demolition with C.D.Dodd

C.D.Dodd are highly capable providers of certified demolition projects, carrying out intensive clear outs and efficient services for a mine site demolition in Perth – from full site deconstructions, metal equipment removal and scrap recycling, to thorough building extractions and industrial and commercial demolitions.

ontact us today to discuss your demolition requirements, be it a Class 1 or Class 2 licence.

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