Finding A Scrap Metal Dealer

Recycling unwanted scrap metal is not just important for the environment, its a great source of income. Long standing leaders of considered scrap metal recycling like C.D.Dodd offer competitive prices per weight, making it a smart way to clean up your commercial or private property.

Anyone who cares about keeping waste out of landfills for reuse  – or purchasing scrap for themselves – should find a local scrap metal dealer experienced in safe, efficient collection and recycling processes.

From convenience to professionalism, here are a few tips to choosing the best metal recycler around.

Experienced scrap metal recycling

A constantly evolving industry like scrap metal recycling requires a forward thinking team, where experience and new technology combine for consistently effective results. C.D.Dodd collects scrap from an extensive range of valued commercial and private customers, including both ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Thorough sorting is carried out on the many forms of metals collected, including copper, steel, aluminium and bronze, as well as batteries and much more. Leading technology is used to repurpose scrap into reusable metal, with extensive safety training and abidance to all Government regulations ensuring a secure, environmentally friendly practice.

It’s this dedication to constantly improving our processes, along with a team of senior safety personnel, that has cemented C.D.Dodd’s reputation as a leading supplier of scrap metal services across WA.

The value of a trusted scrap metal dealer

Working with a highly knowledgeable provider of scrap metal recycling like C.D.Dodd – with over 50 years of experience – means guaranteed quality of service, from responsible scrap salvaging to extensive demolitions and mine-site clear outs.

A focus on investing in leading technology has kept C.D.Dodd ahead of its competitors for decades, ensuring effective waste management is in place that keeps valuable scrap out of landfills, with competitive prices for clients in the process.

Find a one stop shop for recycling near you

Whether you prefer to drop off scrap or book an efficient customised collection, rest assured all materials are carefully managed by C.D.Dodd scrap metal services. From battery recycling to thorough mine site clean ups, each process places great emphasis on environmentally friendly approaches and competitive pricing.

With locations in Perth (521 Dundas Rd, Forrestfield), Port Hedland (10 Trig St), Kalgoorlie (1 Coath Rd), and Karratha (Lot 109, Gap Ridge Estate), it’s easy to arrange a drop off or collection from anywhere in Western Australia.

A centrally located scrap yard in Forrestfield, East Perth, is open to visitors from 7am-4pm Monday to Thursday (closing 3.30pm Fridays), with regular collections occurring across Perth for easy scrap removal.

Dedicated scrap metal recycling with C.D.Dodd

Operating as an market leading, environmentally conscious scrap metal recycling service provider is a key focus for C.D.Dodd. 50 years of industry experience compliments our dedicated customer service and customised services, making us the choice scrap metal dealer for many leading WA businesses.

Contct us today to discuss your scrap metal requirements, or to book  collection now.

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