Fleet Recycling

Sustainability has not always been at the forefront of the vehicle industry, but that has begun to change. Commercial vehicles play a vital role in many leading Australian sectors, from construction to mining, and this widespread reliance makes recycling parts from metals to tires only logical.

Scrap metal recycling offers immense benefits not only for the environment but the economics of all local industries. Safely disposing of work vehicles at the end of their life cycle means ensuring each valuable part and component is reused to its fullest capacity, rewarding companies while boosting the all-important circular economy.

Learn about the advantages of fleet recycling, and how experienced scrap metal recyclers at C.D. Dodd can help.

The power of commercial scrap metal recycling

The make-up of modern vehicles contains many recyclable components, from valuable metals like steel, aluminium, zinc, and palladium, to glass, rubber, and even carbon fibre. Simply tossing old or damaged cars and trucks onto a landfill not only harms our land unnecessarily, it also prevents companies from benefiting financially by working with knowledgeable providers of safe fleet recycling services.

The continued focus by the automobile industry on developing unpolluted vehicles has expanded the potential of recycling large fleets. By opening the door for circular production, professional recyclers can deconstruct used vehicles and recover all valuable materials, before transforming them into new reusable parts.

Environmental benefits of fleet recycling

The majority of vehicles are made up of steel, which has the powerful capability of being reused indefinitely without losing its strength or durability. This provides businesses with a great opportunity to sell unused vehicles for scrap, creating a circular economy that protects previous raw materials and minimises the effect mining has on our environment.

Fleet recycling also covers the potential for the reuse of engines, either through repair or separating components for individual processing, as well as consumable parts like tires. The reuse and remanufacture of parts and products has the power to reduce energy consumption by 80%, while preventing harmful landfill build-up.

Embracing a circular economy

While sustainability is a key shared advantage to fleet and scrap metal recycling, it also provides impressive business benefits. Reusing materials like steel not only provides companies with an additional income, but keeps manufacturing costs low so vehicles and their components remain affordable for all.

Saving resources positively affects the entire supply chain. Vehicle manufacturers understand the immense amount of water and energy needed to produce a new product, making the use of recycled materials an important way to reduce their environmental impact while supporting the local circular economy.

Work with Perth’s leading recyclers at C.D. Dodd

As a long-standing leading provider of scrap metal and fleet recycling services, C.D. Dodd attributes a loyal customer base to hard work, safe practices, and a focus on customer service.

Progressive standards and a continued investment in new technologies enables C.D. Dodd to carry out thorough vehicle deconstruction and recycling, with an extensive network ensuring each customer receives the highest possible revenue.
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