Best household goods to recycle

The never-ending rise in consumerism has its pitfalls. The most significant peril is the large amount of waste generated each year – over a whopping 1.9 tonnes per person here in Australia.

This makes recycling all possible goods a vastly important step in maintaining the health of our planet for its inhabitants. With so many common houses suitable for recycling, it’s easier than you think to minimise landfill waste and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Whether you have drawers of broken electronics or a pile of old white goods, consistent scrap metal recycling with experienced service providers at C.D.Dodd is a hugely effective way to preserve natural resources, and transform used metal into brand new products.

The ease of collecting scrap metal in Perth

As almost every single metal can be recycled into top-quality reusable materials, even the cleanest home is likely to have unused household goods ideal for sale as scrap metal in Perth. Metal has the impressive ability to be reprocessed without losing any of its inherent strength and durability, making it the ideal substance for recycling.

The most commonly recycled metals are steel, copper, aluminium, brass, bronze, tin, and cast iron, with both ferrous and non-ferrous metals suitable for reuse with the help of the expert team at C.D.Dodd. This means anyone with old household goods has valuable metal scrap to sell, adding a financial incentive to the extensive environmental benefits.

How common household goods are recycled

The production process used to recycle metal uses significantly less energy than excavating raw materials, reducing C02 levels while preserving the earth’s finite natural resources. By simply dropping off products to C.D.Dodd in East Perth or booking an efficient collection, the process of scrap metal recycling is left to the experts with impressive results.

  • Collect: gather all items with metal components  and sell them for scrap
  • Sort: items are organised into categories by knowledgeable metal recyclers
  • Process: large quantities of each metal are reprocessed, first by shredding and de-coating using professional equipment
  • Melt: metal scraps are then melted down before purification, with molten materials cast and solidified into large blocks or sheet formats
  • Manufacture: metal bars or sheets are transported to manufacturers where they’re used as raw materials for new products, from vehicles to food tins

Easy to find items to recycle

Reusing valuable metals keeps costs low for manufacturing companies, passing savings on to consumers while creating jobs within the globally beneficial recycling industry. While there are a huge amount of household goods that can be recycled, some common items include:

  • Brass items like door handles, bathroom or kitchen fixtures, and keys
  • Microwaves, refrigerators, stove tops, and other white goods, where steel casings, valuable copper wiring and electrical components can be sold
  • Pipers, air conditioners, and insulation where fan coils and copper tubing can be recovered
  • Electric motors and old computers
  • Food or drink cans, or other aluminium items like gutters and window frames
  • Steel shelving, chairs, or cabinets
  • Batteries

Efficient scrap metal recycling with C.D.Dodd

Get in touch today to start recycling scrap metal in Perth with long-standing industry leaders at C.D.Dodd, whether you have a mountain of household goods or are looking to get started.

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