How Many Times Can Metal Be Recycled

There’s no doubt recycling is great for the planet. Keeping valuable materials out of landfills is an important focus, for both the environment and our economy. Giving used metals a new life means reducing the need for extracting raw materials, providing a multitude of industries with plenty of durable-yet-affordable metal.

Using recycled metal is incredibly effective, thanks to its ability to be refurbished without losing any strength. So, can all materials be reused infinitely or will they eventually end up in a landfill? The following guide outlines commonly recycled metals, and how often they can be reused.

How recycling works

Scrap metal recycling works by melting the same types of metal material together, before removing any impurities, and creating a new metal product. Almost all metals, such as steel, copper, and aluminium, can be used again and again, without any deterioration to its quality or durability.

An effective, professional recycling process, carried out by industry experts, needs to be adhered to in order for the reused metal to achieve the desired results. 

Other common recycled items such as plastic and paper can only be recycled a finite number of times – typically between 4 and 8 times – before it becomes impossible to remove impurities and maintain the original strength of the material.

The value of using recycled metal

Metal holds immense potential, for both large industries and vital environmental considerations. The inherent ability for metal to be recycled without losing its strength is a hugely beneficial property, as new products – from food tins to automotive parts – can be created entirely from used materials.

This reduced the need for the mining of raw materials, preventing us from depleting our planet’s natural resources. As well as preserving raw metal, it keeps huge amounts of waste products out of our already bursting landfills. While recycling has grown in popularity in recent years, more can alwas be done. The possibilities are endless!

Key recycled metals

While scrap metal recycling can be carried out for almost all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, there are several key materials that are commonly recycled to produce new products, providing competitive compensation to anyone who recycles them.


Steel is the most recycled material on the earth, thanks to its status as an incredibly tough metal that is 100% recyclable. Used across many vital industries, from construction to manufacturing, recycled steel is responsible for many of our vital infrastructures.


One of the most valuable metals to recycle is copper, thanks to its inherent ability to conduct electricity. While mining raw copper uses copious amounts of energy, while releasing harmful gases, recycling copper only produces 10% of that energy. An impressive 50% of copper used in Europe today is sourced from recycled materials.


With any ability to be recycled infinite times without any degradation to its quality, aluminium is a powerful metal to reuse. Thanks to an increase in the recycling of food and drink cans and tins, it’s possible to save 90% of the energy (i.e. carbon footprint)  typically used to source raw aluminium from our earth.

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