How To Properly Demolish a Mine Site

Our step by step process to safely decommissioning a mine site

Mine site deconstructions are tricky tasks, yet an essential part of safely completing any mining project. Mining is a key industry here in Western Australia, and ensuring safe demolitions is essential to its continued growth. The process is a complex one, requiring careful compliance with multiple departmental regulations.

With extensive experience in both mine site and commercial demolitions, C.D.Dodd follows strict OH&S procedures to ensure consistently thorough processes. Each employee is highly trained in both safety and environmental regulations, with full police clearance and drug/alcohol screening. The following guide explains how proven solutions, by qualified staff, results in optimum outcomes post mine site use.

Thorough mine site demolition

By adhering to a strict step-by-step process, focused on exacting safety standards, C.D.Dodd guarantees an efficient mine site demolition.

Initial deconstruction

The first step involves methodically taking apart all equipment, facilities, and infrastructure, to completely deconstruct the site plant. All waste is either recycled or safely disposed of, with the remaining space cleared.

Stabilise structures

Afterwards, each remaining onsite structure is analysed for stability, with any issues rectified through construction techniques. Pipes and drainage are also checked to ensure the site is at an acceptable standard for productive use.

Ensuring compliance

As mine sites and commercial demolition sites can be at risk of contamination, the rehabilitated area is then surveyed for compliance with the ‘Contaminated Sites Act of 2003’, with any required alterations made.


The next stage is monitoring, where a review of the site decommissioning takes place to guarantee all implemented processes were effective, and safety standards have been met.

Ongoing maintenance

Depending on the mine site in question, ongoing maintenance may be required to ensure all required standards are being met. Once all final monitoring and maintenance has been carried out, the cleared site and remaining infrastructure is handed over.

Exacting safety standards

Decommissioning a mine site, or carrying out a commercial demolition, requires strict adherence to safety standards. Working with potentially contaminated environments and flammable materials requires careful following of protocols, with the end goal of creating a clean, safe space suitable for other projects in future.

As experts in safely disposing of waste, demolishing buildings, and the careful recycling of metal materials, C.D.Dodd has successfully navigated mine site demolitions in many forms. Each process carried out abides by WAs ‘Work Health and Safety Act of 2011’, and multiple ISO accreditations including ISO 4801 (Occupational Health and Safety Management) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems) show the level of comprehensive professionalism brought to each mine site demolition.

Professional service from C.D.Dodd

In order to thoroughly prepare sites for productive use in future, allowing ease of maintenance and increased design scope, C.D.Dodd carries out careful commercial and mine site demolition projects that adhere to the highest safety and environmental standards.

Each employee is subject to strict health and safety training, and must clear both National Police Database and alcohol/drug checks, as well as obtaining relevant qualifications in their field. C.D.Dodd is focused on premium service, and follows specific professional standards in order to guarantee a job well done. To learn more about mine site and scrap recycling, or to book a demolition service, get intouch today.

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