Make your mine site greener

The continued growth in awareness of the negative environmental impacts of mining means the industry is undergoing an eco-friendly shift. While the immense benefits the mining sector brings to the Australian economy are widely recognised, the adverse effect it has on the nation’s carbon footprint can no longer be ignored.

As well as creating thousands of jobs each year, ensure your mine site is focused on creating a greener future through environmentally-friendly scrap metal recycling, as well as acquiring a thorough mine site demolition and clear-out post-operation.

Learn about the advantages of scrap metal recycling for commercial mining companies, and how it can benefit the entire industry.

The environmental benefits of commercial scrap recycling

Many of the issues presented by mining can be combated with a professional waste management solution. Widespread commercial scrap recycling ensures valuable metals are reused as opposed to being dumped in toxic landfills, boosting the sector’s green prospects by minimising pollution and energy use.

Conserve Resources

Newly manufactured metal requires raw materials mined from the earth but reusing metals like steel, copper, and aluminium saves these finite resources from extinction. As well as the sustainable use of raw resources, less waste is produced from the manufacturing, mining, and industrial sectors.

Save energy

Recycling metal uses far less energy than it takes to mine raw ore – around 75% less – making it an environmentally friendly choice to reuse metal materials wherever possible. Choosing effective mine site demolitions and clearouts by experts like C.D.Dodd means all possible metal scraps are safely recycled to lower overall carbon pollution.

Effective mine site demolitions

The sheer amount of waste created by leading Australian industries every year is contributing heavily to polluted water, air, and land via crowded landfills. Scrap metal biodegrades at a very slow rate, making it a key contributor to harmful dump sites. Boost your mining company’s green credibility by selling unwanted scrap for reuse; simultaneously adding a revenue stream thanks to the consistent monetary value of sought-after metals.

Allowing mine site demolition experts like C.D.Dodd to safely deconstruct and clear out a former mining location not only minimises harmful effects to the surrounding landscape but ensures all possible metal scrap is recycled rather than dumped. Mine site services include:

  • Through site clear outs
  • Secure demolitions
  • Detailed building extractions
  • Removal of equipment and machinery
  • Safe scrap metal recycling

Book a custom scrap metal collection service

Working with experienced providers of commercial scrap recycling services like C.D.Dodd means obtaining a highly qualified team to remove all reusable metal scrap from your mine site.

With flexible options for scrap collection across WA, as well as state-of-the-art facilities and a fleet of well-equipped vehicles, it’s never been easier to guarantee a green completion of your mining project – be it a minor endeavour or a long-running project.

Efficient commercial scrap recycling with C.D.Dodd

With over 50 years of experience helping Western Australia’s leading industries with effective demolitions, site clear-outs, and safe scrap metal recycling, C.D.Dodd is the trusted service provider needed to make your mine site greener.
Contact us today to book a scrap collection, or to discuss a comprehensive mine site demolition or clear out.

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