Organise scrap metal bins

Have you heard the phrase ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’? Finding a new purpose for used or damaged items is great for the planet, but this saying is particularly appropriate when it comes to scrap metal recycling.

Passing on unwanted scrap to professionals not only allows your ‘trash’ to be transformed into real-world ‘treasure’ (in the form of robust recycled metal) but supplies an additional revenue stream without having to leave your home.

Discover the key benefits of arranging scrap metal bins to collect and recycle used items and the most efficient means to arrange a scrap metal collection across WA.

Save time and money with a scrap metal collection

It’s easier than ever to arrange a fast and efficient scrap metal collection service in Perth, as well as across the Pilbara and South East WA. Leading scrap recyclers like C.D.Dodd have invested in robust trucks and equipment (including load-rated skips and roll-on vehicles), to safely pick up scrap from businesses before transporting it to well-equipped on-site recycling facilities.

Reputable service providers understand efficiency and convenience are key for each customer. Straightforward pickups take place at the property in question, where a total price is offered for the scrap before it’s loaded into waiting vehicles and the area is cleared of debris.

Arrange a scrap metal bins drop-off

Booking a drop-off of scrap metal bins to your property with C.D.Dodd is not only free but means cash payments are offered that day for your collected scrap materials which are securely removed free of charge.

An efficient scrap metal collection is greatly helped by robust scrap metal bins. As well as preventing scrap items from dirtying or damaging your property, scrap metal can be easily sorted into different categories such as ferrous (contains iron) and non-ferrous (no iron) metals – enabling the industry experts at C.D.Dodd to give a fast and fair quote.

Choosing knowledgeable scrap metal recyclers with a vast global sales and supply network allows each buyer to access competitive prices for a wide range of gathered metals including:

  • Steel
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Aluminium
  • Bronze
  • Iron
  • Cables
  • Car radiators and engines
  • Batteries

Bins for a wide range of requirements

If you have ever considered booking a scrap metal collection but are unsure if you met the requirements, rest assured no job is too big or small for C.D.Dodd. A wide range of bin shapes, sizes, and formats are available free of charge for many varied requirements; simply call today to book a regular collection service or a customised pick-up service for your business.

Small plastic bins – these sturdy bins are ideal for residential properties, small projects, or short-term requirements

Large plastic bins – one or more robust large plastic bins can be perfect for small-to-medium-sized businesses, including warehouses and factories

Skip bins – tough bins with a large capacity, suitable for collecting steel or enabling medium-scale clearouts or worksite clean-ups.

Roll-on bins – suitable for construction sites or tough environments, roll-on bins are durable in design and can hold large amounts of metal scrap

Get durable scrap metal bins statewide with C.D.Dodd

Ful-equipped collection and recycling facilities both in East Perth and statewide make C.D.Dodd highly experienced and reputable scrap metal recyclers in WA.

To access free bin dropoff and scrap metal collection with C.D.Dodd simply get in touch today.

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