Reduce scrap metal at your workplace

Wasted materials are the bane of the industrial sector. Whether you manufacture car parts or conduct mining excavations, unused scrap metal is likely an unavoidable part of your operations. Rather than accept costly surplus materials, the economical move is factoring scrap metal recycling into your business plan.

Rejected metal by-products come in two forms; scrap (leftover from manufacturing) and rework (components replaced due to defects). Both are ideal for experienced scrap metal recyclers to collect, helping prevent excessive excavation of raw materials and keep manufacturing costs low through reusing valuable metals like copper and steel.

Read on to discover efficient ways to reduce scrap metal with C.D.Dodd, and create more cost-effective products.

Easy organisation for the scrap metal recycling process

It’s important to streamline your manufacturing process as much as possible to minimise waste, but the reality is scrap metal remnants will occur. Rather than send them to an overflowing landfill, or let them pile up in your workshop, develop an effective plan for scrap metal recycling.

Place large bins dedicated to specific metals in an easy-to-access location, and book regular collections to consistently reduce scrap metal at your location.

Knowledgeable recyclers are adept at preparing both ferrous and non-ferrous metals for reuse. This makes it straightforward to collect and sell almost all unwanted metals, including steel, aluminium, copper, lead, brass, catalytic converters, radiators, engines, and much more.

How experienced scrap metal recyclers can help

Working with industry experts leads to a streamlined scrap metal recycling process, for all areas of your company. Far-reaching experience, an impeccable safety record, and competitive pricing make C.D.Dodd leading scrap metal recyclers in Perth.

Scrap metal bins

Skip bins of all sizes are available from dedicated scrap recyclers, from kip crates, kibble containers tand roll-on vehicle bins, to small and large plastic containers.

Simplify your businesses scrap metal recycling process and book free scrap metal bins in the right size and format from C.D.Dodd today.


Fast and efficient delivery and collection of recycling bins is offered in Perth and across Western Australia, with both regular weekly collections and customised deliveries available. With each skip inspected before it leaves C.D.Dodd’s secure premises, risk-free transactions are guaranteed for any commercial or industrial requirements.

Mine site demolitions

C.D.Dodd is experienced in the intensive clear out and demolition of mine sites, with thorough results thanks to a highly qualified team and effective equipment. Mobile units are available for dispatch to remote locations, capable of full site deconstructions, building extractions, detailed clean-ups, and removal of metal machinery and equipment.

Commercial demolition

Boost the efficiency of your commercial development project by integrating safe scrap metal recycling with C.D.Dodd. As industry experts highly knowledgeable about all aspects of the scrap metal recycling process, there’s no one better equipped to clear your industrial work yard of scrap metal – from alloys and drill rods, to mill balls and electrical cables.

Efficient scrap metal recycling with C.D.Dodd

A fast collection service with an extensive range of scrap metal bins has cemented C.D.Dodd’s position as a leading provider of safe, efficient scrap metal recycling services.
Contact us today to book a skip bin or collection service, or for any queries about our global service for high value contracts.

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