Regular battery recycling

Recycling batteries has always been important for the environment, but continued growth in the popularity of cordless (battery-operated) tools and equipment makes it more prevalent than ever. From remote controls and gaming toys to wireless keyboards and power tools, we’re surrounded by batteries in our everyday lives.

As one of Australia’s fastest-growing waste streams, it’s time to find a reliable supplier of professional battery recycling services near you, and purge your home or business of all those old or unused batteries lying around.

Learn more about the vital importance of secure battery recycling, and how the positive benefits impact both the environment and our economy.

The advantages of safe battery recycling

Old and used batteries have the potential to leak harmful chemicals and toxic material, making it imperative to keep them out of general waste bins and away from landfills.

Prevent environmental damage

Batteries thrown away with household trash, or that end up in the wrong recycling facility, are often crushed or damaged with water which causes them to catch on fire and even explode.

Professional battery recyclers in Perth keep hazardous materials like lithium and zinc out of landfills, where they can potentially pollute the environment, from water to soil.

Reuse valuable resources

Many of the materials batteries are made from are finite, or nonrenewable. Rather than dump these valuable materials, expert recyclers can save over 95 per cent of a battery for reuse in tools, electronic components, tyres, and much more.

The process of recycling batteries

Different battery types are made of varying materials, making the process for recycling them particular to its properties. The highly specific method required is why it’s important for only experienced recyclers to tackle the process, from sorting and plastic removal to varying means of metal extraction.

Standard batteries to recycle include alkaline (found in household items like clocks, toys, and radios), rechargeable lithium batteries, and lead-acid car batteries. From using high-temperature metal reclamation (HTMR) to room-temperature mechanical separation, each material is separated and purified differently.

Innovative battery recycling by industry leaders

The onus is on you as the consumer to safely recycle all unwanted batteries, but the experts at C.D.Dodd strive to make it as easy as possible. As a long-standing industry leader in WA, a combination of innovative technology and multiple well-situated recycling facilities allows residential and commercial residences to recycle batteries in a safe and timely manner.

The Forrestfield facility in East Perth is open to metro area drop-offs, and regular battery collection services enable those across Perth and the South West to securely collect batteries for processing with premium battery recycling equipment.

Work with long-term battery recycling specialists at C.D.Dodd

Dedicated adherence to high safety standards and thorough training are part of what makes C.D.Dodd a leading provider of reliable metal recycling services across WA.

Contact C.D.Dodd today to arrange free recycling bin drop-offs or book a collection service, or with any queries about the wide range of available scrap metal, demolition, and battery recycling services.

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