The Role Of The Scrap Metal Industry

Dedicated scrap metal recycling has become an essential part of today’s non-stop economy. From making use of precious wanted materials, to redirecting leftover products from demolitions and construction projects, the scrap metal industry plays a vital role in many of Australia’s most vital industries.

Enabling big business to operate in a cleaner way is beneficial to the entire economy, minimising the need for valuable natural resources while reducing carbon footprints. This is all done via professional recycling of metals that can then be reused to create new materials, helping keep development costs down in a continuously positive economic manner.

Read on to learn more about the value of the scrap metal industry, and how you can benefit from its accessible mechanisms.

The significance of the scrap metal sector

Despite a tough two economic years, the scrap metal recycling industry has continued its steady growth. Valued at an impressive $4bn, the market shows no signs of slowing down, with thousands of employees in over 200 booming businesses.

Each company holds the important responsibility of the safe recycling of metals, including alumunium, steel, copper, zinc, lead, and nickel, creating new usable products or materials.

Leading companies within the manufacturing, development, and mining industries rely heavily on the scrap metal sector via C.D.Dodd to safely remove their unwanted materials, while lowering their overall carbon footprint by secure recycling of all viable metals.

Recycling that benefits all

One of the core roles of the scrap metal recycling industry is enabling the consistent recycling of a vast amount of waste products. Whether they stem from a mine site clean up, construction site, or building demolition, there are typically plenty of valuable materials saved from being sent to the dump by scrap experts.

Reusing valuable metals lowers the need for further extraction, refinement, processing, and transport of precious raw materials from the earth. This minimises the amount of energy spent on new development projects, helping the environment in a practical way that benefits everyone.

Practical reuse of valuable materials

The core strength and flexibility of a commonly used metal like aluminium makes it a prime target for effective recycling, thanks to an inherent ability to be repeatedly reused without any deterioration of its core properties. Essentially – it does not get weaker, even when its life cycle is repeated over and over again.

This efficient approach to metal recycling is positive for both our carbon footprint, and the size of metal industries. Sustainable processes only serve to expand the economic impact of any related sector, keeping the cost of vital materials low to enable constant growth and employment.

What’s more, scrap metal can be recycled and reused for an unbelievable amount of uses. The comprehensive list varies from metal tins and cans, to car and aeroplane parts.

Superior scrap metal recycling with C.D.Dodd

Effectively clear out your work yard or business premises today with effective scrap metal recycling and clear out services from C.D.Dodd. As long standing market leaders here in WA, the highly trained team enables scrap and battery recycling, mine site clear outs, and small to large demolitions, in a customised and convenient manner.

Contact us to discuss your recycling needs, or to book a scrap metal collection today and benefit from getting rid of any waste metals and materials now.

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