Has Your Business Got Scrap Laying Around?

Regardless of what industry your work site, factory, or warehouse is in, there’s a high probability you have rubbish lying around. From mine sites to construction zones, constant development results in large amounts of waste and old machinery, which often ends up piled in a corner for far too long. Paying for removal is an additional expense many companies struggle with, but there is a better option where YOU get paid instead.

The chances of your waste products containing metal is high, and dumping instead of recycling is wasteful as well as costly. Asking experts in business scrap metal removal, like Perth market leaders’ C.D.Dodd, to come to your location results in thorough scrap removal where you’re compensated for metal components.

Scrap metal collection

In order to make the most out of all waste products created by your company, request prompt scrap metal removal from professionals. Being paid for recycling of metal parts means keeping your company’s property free from hazardous scrap and bulky piles of waste, which is particularly useful after a workshop refit or renovation.

Regardless of business size, you can boost profits through premium rates for scrap metal. From copper, aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, brass, and iron, to old batteries, cables, car engines and radiators, the experts at C.D.Dodd specialize in collection and recycling of all ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal removal.

Clean-up and boost productivity

As well as being an eco-friendly path, an organized warehouse or factory will boost productivity and allow consistent growth through increased focus on current projects. Having a clean work yard will not only impress potential customers but keep employees focused and content.

By offering an efficient and reliable business metal removal service to all industries in and around Perth, C.D.Dodd can help clear up your property through scrap metal pick up, while paying you in the process. Whether you’re looking to rent scrap bins, or book a custom collection service tailored to your unique requirements, our highly trained team has you covered.

Eco-friendly scrap metal recycling

Allowing the scrap metal remnants from your business to be recycled prevents unnecessary waste products from ending up in a landfill. Unfortunately too often hazardous materials end up in dumps, adding to a worsening environmental situation.

While scrap metal recycling is the better option for our planet through reuse of valuable materials and reducing energy consumption, it’s also the smarter financial option. Engaging the services of scrap metal recycler experts like C.D.Dodd means you’ll be paid for your scrap, and we’ll collect it in the process.

Let C.D.Dodd help your business

As leading experts in Perth business scrap metal removal, the experienced team at C.D.Dodd are adept at efficient scrap clearouts, or commercial demolition through a custom collection or skip bin hire. With multiple locations across WA, including in East Perth, our premium scrap metal recycling services provide eco-friendly waste removal for which your company gets paid. To request a quote, or to discuss scrap metal pick up for your company, simply get in touch today.

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