Get Your Scrap Metal Bins

Efficient scrap metal collection has never been more accessible. C.D.Dodd has established an organised, economical scrap removal and collection service, making it more straightforward than ever to clear scrap materials from your work yard.

Simply choose the right scrap metal bin for your needs from our extensive range, and have it collected at a time that’s convenient to you.

As well as enabling our valued clients to operate in an eco-friendly manner, recycling all reusable metals in a safe, certified process, competitive prices based on current market values are offered in return for unwanted scrap.

Effective recycling

The inherent value of materials made from metal is their ability to be rescued time and time again, with no deterioration of the materials property or strength. Because of this impressive trait, it makes sense to recycle all metal scraps wherever possible, preventing the need of further metal extraction that’s tough on the environment.

Utilising scrap metal recycling Perth to help operate your business in an eco-friendly manner is not just a responsible practice, it shows customers a dedication to dynamic processes and a long-term approach to business.

Types of bins available

With a wide selection of scrap metal collection containers available, C.D.Dodd is focused on helping our valued clients navigate a broad range of requirements.

Skip Bins

Suitable for smaller loads of heavy materials such as a large volume of nuts and bolts, compressor units, weighted machinery parts such as steel punchings and turnings, and offcuts or steel plates.

Roll Off Bins

Various sizes are available to suit the transfer of bulky items of scrap metal, like motors and car parts, corrugated steel, metal wheels, shelving, rebar, whitegoods, and steel framing.

Forklift Bin

Suitable for emptying liquid cargo thanks to a handy self-dumping feature, forklifts bins are also typically used for collecting non-ferrous metals like stainless steel, aluminium, brass, and copper.

Efficient collection services

By working with companies of all shapes and sizes across a variety of industries, C.D.Dodd understands the need for efficient collection services to suit a range of requirements.

  • Routine collections are available for the fast-moving manufacturing and mining industries, where scrap metals are removed and recycled on a regular schedule that works for your production itinerary.
  • Short-term projects carried out on temporary job sites often require collections as needed, and with transport managed by our flexible team you can keep focus on other work at hand.

Reliable scrap metal bins

With a range of bins and collection services available, C.D.Dodd makes scrap metal recycling Perth a seamless element of your productive enterprise. Whether you have a large volume of metals, or diverse scrap from demolitions, waste streams, or clearance projects, our fast, customer-focused collection service can help.

Choose from roll off skip bins and bulk tippers, to flatbed tricks and curtain vehicles, as well as everything in between. If you’re unsure of the right bin for your needs, an experienced team member can advise on scale and valuable features you could benefit from.

Qualified scrap metal recycling Perth

With competitive rates, sturdy containers, and efficent collection services C.D.Dodd takes care of all your scrap metal recycling needs at once.

Highly competent staff have created a reputation for dependability and thorough recycling practices, making us the leading choice for waste metal reuse and scrap metal bin hire here in WA.

Book a scrap metal collection today, and choose a fast service option that suits your needs.

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