Scrap metal – demolition clean-up

If your construction yard or mine site needs a thorough clean-up, there is only one efficient and productive way to do it. Working with experts at demolition site clearouts not only provides you with an effective on-site clean-up where safety is a focus but enables the secure recycling of all valuable metal components for profit.

Cleaning up post-demolition is an exhausting and time-consuming job. Strict regulations mean great care has to be taken when managing both reusable and toxic waste materials, making it a wise investment to acquire commercial scrap removal services.

Learn about the positive role of scrap metal recycling in construction or mine site demolition, and how the professionals at C.D.Dodd can help.

The role of recycling in mine site demolition

The aftermath of a demolition – whether on a construction yard or closed mine site – leaves a multitude of waste products behind. Both recyclable and non-recyclable debris must be safely removed, and the vast amount of leftover items makes this a huge task to undertake especially for the inexperienced.

To minimise the vast amount of materials dumped in landfills, recycling as much valuable metal as possible is imperative. Experts at scrap metal recycling sort, purify, and reshape all reusable parts after thoroughly cleaning out the work site, from stainless steel and copper to brass and aluminium.


The role of metal recycling demolition clean-ups has serious ethical and environmental effects. Safely repurposing used metals into durable new materials makes a huge difference to greenhouse gas emissions caused by new development and mining, minimising landfills and the vast amount of energy used to produce raw ore.


The sheer cost of operating a mine site or starting a new development build means there is plenty of value in reducing project costs wherever possible. Selling unwanted metal scrap to industry experts such as C.D.Dodd creates a new revenue stream, while also reducing waste removal and disposal costs.

Company branding

Showing both the public and potential clients that you promote sustainable work practices and operate to the highest safety standards is a worthwhile step, with the ongoing focus on climate change and the perseveration of our planet. Efficient waste disposal shows your business is leading the way for both metal recycling and regulatory compliance.

Thorough battery and scrap metal recycling services

Utilising the knowledgeable services of scrap recycling experts like C.D.Dodd provides peace of mind, knowing the right equipment, safe techniques, and industry experience is being used at each step of the process.

As well as providing efficient construction and mine site demolition clean ups, C.D.Dodd offers scrap metal and battery recycling services across Perth and the South West. Rather than leave toxic batteries on your land, book a regular collection service today as well as skip bins of all sizes free of charge.

Adaptable demolition services from C.D.Dodd

C.D.Dodd have proven expertise in the secure clear-out and scrap metal removal from construction and new sites of all sizes across Western Australia. From building extractions to full site deconstructions, an impeccable safety record makes C.D.Dodd the reliable demolition partner.

Contact C.D.Dodd to book a timely demolition clean-up, or for custom scrap metalrecycling and collection services.

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