Scrap Metal…Know The Risks

There is no question about it, disposing of scrap waste metals involves risks. When those risks involve potential personal injury that could possibly even impact someone’s ability to work, it’s a no brainer that hiring a professional will save you in the long term. With a diverse range of potential risks ranging from chemical burns, cuts, bacterial infection from handling rust, strains from lifting, exposure to risk from a lack of machine guarding to falls or injury from moving objects, the risks are manyfold and need to be not only considered but mitigated by using a professional scrap metal recycling company, not only saving you time but more significantly, reducing your risks.

Chemical Hazards

While metal sourced from older industrial machinery can be recycled purposefully, this particular source of metal is also often one that needs to be handled with extreme caution. Corrosive or poisonous chemicals can cause serious injury when in contact with human flesh while also having a detrimental impact on the environment. Lab chemicals, medical waste, solvents (inks, dyes and paints,) pesticides, formaldehyde and LPG contaminants are all toxic substances that should be handled with professional care while corrosive materials such as acid, nickel cadmium, mercury and lead are also potential hazards that could cause substantial harm to both humans and the environment.

Removal of Machine Guarding

Some machinery that is unused and used for scrap metal recycling can also present as hazardous. Machine guards that may have been removed can expose safety concerns including rotating shafts (couplings or crank shafts,) rotating knives or blades, roller feeds or conveyor belts to name a few. There may be a component of the machine that also that cuts, grinds or pulverises or parts that may rotate. With a number of moving parts, exposed by a lack of protective guarding, those attempting at removing scrap metal leave themselves open to a potentially serious injury. A good salvage yard will be able to turn these materials into reusable steel and machinery.

Heavy Lifting, Trips and Falling Objects

Lifting heavy, large pieces of metal on your own is definitely an arduous task to be avoided. According to WorkSafe, the occupations that recorded the most injuries are truck drivers, followed by recycling and rubbish collectors with injury to the lower back the most common, followed closely by shoulders and knees.  While heavy lifting, carrying or placing heavy objects can cause muscular stress, there is also the added hazard of trips, falls or being hit by moving objects that can cause an unnecessary injury leading to an extended period time off work.


With many metals also containing rust, there is the added risk of contracting tetanus caused by the bacterium Clostridium tetani, should there be a puncture of the skin.

Scrap metal recycling safety – Bring in the professionals

Avoid the time, risks and pain of dealing with scrap metals on your own and use a professional who is experienced in the know-how and operational risks. Hazardous and poisonous chemicals associated with scrap metal should be handled with and disposed of with due care. Heavy lifting, dealing with old machinery with hazardous rotating parts exposed, rust and risk of Tetanus, are all extremely valid reasons as to why scrap metal recycling is best left to those experienced in dealing with the risks and safety measures involved to ensure both safety and environmental concerns are considered.

Benefits to you

Entrust a professional to deal with your scrap metals who will not only remove your personal risk and injury from the equation but minimise your waste and your environmental impact. Coupled with the convenience and the bonus of cash payments for your scrap-metal, at C. D. Dodd Scrap Metal Recyclers Perth, we have you covered on all fronts. Call us today to chat and arrange for the professional and safe removal of your hazardous scrap metals.

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