Do I need scrap metal pick up and scrap metal bins

Metal is one of the earth’s most valuable resources, largely because it can be recycled and transformed into something new an indefinite amount of times. Because of its high density and malleable nature, it simply doesn’t make sense to throw it away with our rubbish to sit in a landfill.

Almost all of us have waste containing rubbish components sitting in our homes or businesses, whether as copper wire in used electronics or scrap steel from a construction site. By organising a scrap metal pick up or collecting unwanted metal parts in bins, you’re not only clearing out your property but gaining an additional revenue stream.

How scrap metal collection works

Organising a scrap metal pick up is easier than ever. C.D.Dodd operates both scheduled and customised collection services access Perth and South-West, making it straightforward to arrange the safe, fat removal of any unwanted metal components, machinery parts, or large batteries.

The buildup of materials at a work premise, or in your backyard, can easily accumulate over time. Arranging a scrap metal pick up saves time and money by collecting the materials from your location, before recycling all possible metal in a secure, efficient manner.

Each member of staff is highly trained and qualified to operate the equipment, from a fleet of robust collection vehicles to precise high-temperature furnaces.

Booking a scrap metal pick up

Arrange a fast, efficient scrap metal collection simply contact C.D.Dodd today, or call us on 08 6117 3720. Suitable metals to recycle include:

  • Steel
  • aluminium
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Lead
  • Cast iron
  • Nickle
  • Auto parts

On the appointed day a friendly, qualified team member will contact you before they arrive, before providing an all-inclusive price for you to approve. Once your scrap metal has been safely removed, the area is left clean and all possible pieces of metal are recycled and reused.

A flexible selection of scrap metal bins

By acquiring the right scrap metal bins for your needs, there no longer needs to be a corner of the yard or garden taken over by recyclable waste. With a wide range of sizes and formats to choose from, C.D.Dodd makes it easy to collect any unwanted metal remnants with a scrap bin, skip or kibble container provided free of charge.

If you’re unsure which bin is suitable for your requirements, simply get in touch with a helpful team member to determine the best solution and drop-off time – be it a large plastic bin or a roll-on vehicle bin.

All that’s left is for you to get paid a competitive market price once you book a collection, or drop off the bin at C.D.Dodd’s accessible East Perth scrap yard.

Efficient scrap metal collection with C.D.Dodd

Whether for your home, office, work yard, or warehouse, C.D.Dodd carries out an efficient scrap metal pick up or collection bin drop-off across Perth and its surrounding suburbs. With a fully equipped Pilbara location, you can access a full range of scrap metal recycling services and mine sites clear out in even the most remote areas of WA.
To book a scrap metal pick up. or to order a scrap metal collection bin free of charge, contact C.D.Dodd today for fast service and leading safety standards.

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