How regular scrap metal recycling benefits your business

Scrap metal stems from a vast range of sources. From electronics and wiring to vehicles and pipes, the chances are there’s metal remnants lying around your business. While some companies choose to dump scrap metal, there are much better uses for these valuable materials.

Choosing to recycle and reuse scrap metal brings a wide range of benefits to any company – additional revenue and environmental protection to name a couple – whether you own a retail outlet or operate a mine site.

Learn more about the advantages scrap metal recycling can bring to your business, and how easy it is to arrange a scrap metal pick-up with C.D.Dodd.

Arranging a scrap metal pick up

Regardless of your business size, it’s almost certain you have scrap metal to sell such as old computers or used plumbing parts. Rather than let it build up on-site, simply book a collection or request scrap bins.

C.D.Dodd supplies bins of all sizes free of charge, from skips and kibble containers to small and large plastic bins. With regular collections for scrap metal recycling in Perth, it’s straightforward to book a collection or drop off items yourself at an accessible East Perth scrap yard.

Certain industries produce a large amount of scrap metal, namely construction, building, manufacturing, and mining. C.D.Dodd are adept at catering to expansive requirements, providing custom services to pick up scrap metal or carry out a thorough mine site clean out regardless of your WA location.

What metals can be recycled?

Almost all metals can be recycled, with the notable exception of those in contact with toxic materials. While we all know how valuable silver and gold are, many metals are sold regularly as scrap for varying returns depending on their worth. Commonly recycled metals include:

  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Steel
  • Cast iron
  • Brass
  • Bronze

C.D.Dodd offers a fast collection service to pick up scrap metal of both ferrous (contain iron) and non ferrous (no iron) natures, thoroughly sorting and reprocessing all applicable scrap for reuse in a wide range of industries.

The financial benefits of scrap metal recycling in Perth

As well as protecting the earth’s natural resources, and limiting the environmental damage caused by excessive mining practices, scrap metal non-ferrous Perth brings multiple financial advantages to both businesses and consumers.

Additional revenue

One of the most immediate benefits is the competitive market price you receive for all unwanted scrap metal. Prices are generally high in WA, with copper particularly valuable.

Lower manufacturing costs

Reusing essential metal materials keeps costs low, enabling manufacturers to access competitive prices for parts and components.

End-user benefits

Rather than requiring the expensive excavation of precious ore, recycled metal helps stabilise the economy. From smartphones to sporting goods, everyone can benefit from new products made using recycled metal parts.

Job creation

The scrap metal recycling industry has continued to grow steadily in recent years, creating a vast amount of jobs and business opportunities.

Efficient scrap metal pick up services with C.D.Dodd

C.D.Dodd’s fleet of premium vehicles are operated by a qualified safety-focused team, ready to pick up scrap metal from your business.
Contact C.D.Dodd today to book a scrap metal collection, or to request a skip bin in a range of sizes.

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