C.D. Dodd Scrap Metal Recyclers buy all scrap metals and can offer you a tailor-made collection service to suit your exact requirements. With our diverse networks of end-user and export markets we are able to achieve maximum return for our customers.

All materials received are dealt with safely, securely and efficiently, and we are happy to accommodate any specific requests in regards to the processing of scrap metal.

Our commitment to efficiency and continuous improvement led to C.D. Dodd Scrap Metal Recyclers pioneering the use of scrap metal collection containers – manufactured from recycled materials.

In line with our emphasis on efficiency, forward thinking and continuous improvement, C.D. Dodd pioneered the use of scrap metal collection containers – manufactured from recycled materials – and after a successful trial period, we have phased these bins in for all smaller pickups.

Scrap Metal Bins, CD DODD Scrap Metal Recyclers

If you require a skip, roll on/off, a bulker or flat pack, we can provide it. We operate a West Australia wide collection service, and will pickup high value parcels or contracts from anywhere in the world. So wherever you are, we can provide the market leading scrap metal recycling service you need within the timeframe you desire. Our skips are supplied free of charge and comply with all the relevant health, safety and environmental legislation. We make it a priority to inspect every skip that returns to our premises to ensure our customers receive a tidy and respectable skip to go back to their premises.

For inquiries regarding Scrap Metal Recycling & Industrial Recycling please contact:

Daryl Luke
Phone: 08 6117 3700
Mobile: 0417 130 423
Email: dluke@recyclers.com.au