Starting A Demolition

Organising a site demolition is a complex process, with a plethora of safety procedures, local regulations, and safe material recycling to consider. From initial planning stages, to accurate levelling, the many stages of a demolition are each as important as the last.

Whether you operate with the civil and construction industry, or the expansive mining sector here in WA, the absolute first step to take is to hire a professional with particular expertise in your field. C.D.Dodd have successfully completed many substantial demolitions for mine sites and construction yards across WA.

Read on to discover the steps involved in a demolition, and the importance of working with experts to ensure a safe, timely process, and a thorough clean up!

Key site demolition services

Starting a demolition begins with finding the right contractor for the job, who understands the particular ins and outs required for a demolition in your industry. An experienced team will take care of the process from beginning to end, starting with getting the demolition plan approved and ending with a careful clear-up post.

Vital services provided by commercial and mine-site demolition experts include getting all the required safety permits (including for traffic management), detailed site preparation with fencing, hiring necessary security, asbestos checks, tree protection, and careful waste disposal with maximum scrap metal recycling.

Managing a mine site demolition

Decommissioning a mine site is a unique field of demolition, requiring specific knowledge around how to safely carry out each process while closely adhering to essential industry safety standards. Without the right team, mine closures can become tedious, protracted events, where time and money is wasted due to mistakes and ignorance.

Experts in mine site demolition at C.D.Dodd have a proven track record across WA for comprehensive decommissioning projects. Having worked with some of the countries leading mine corporations, we’ve shown each demolition is carried out to exacting standards with detailed scoping beforehand, and careful recycling of a vast amount of materials post-job.

Safe scrap metal recycling

One of the core elements of a successful demolition is ensuring the maximum amount of unused materials are recycled and reused, wherever possible. As well as preventing waste going to a dump, causing harm to our environment, scrap metal recycling enables the company to make money in an otherwise costly process.

C.D.Dodd guarantees complete compliance with all environmental regulations when carrying out demolition in contaminated areas such as mine sites, with particular expertise around the secure recycling of all possible metals and materials.

This detailed approach to mine site decommissioning often enables new Greenfield projects to be carried out on the land, in line with Department of Environmental Regulations guidelines.

Site demolition experts at C.D.Dodd

For thorough construction and mine site demolition projects, trust the experts at C.D.Dodd with an impeccable safety record and over 50 years of niche industry experience.

If you have a small or large scale demolition project you need completed in a meticulous and efficient manner, get in touch with C.D.Dodd today.

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