Steps to starting to recycle your scrap metal

Look around your workyard, mine site, or warehouse, and you’ll see metal is everywhere. From machinery components to vehicles, there is an unbelievable amount of material waiting to be scrapped.

Incorporating scrap metal recycling into your business is not only a means to dispose of waste in a safe, environmentally friendly way, it’s also highly cost effective.

Learn more about the value of recycling metal products at the end of their life cycle, and how their unique properties mean they can be reused again and again.

The importance of waste reduction

There are multiple key benefits of recycling scrap metal in Perth. Each piece saved is repurposed into strong ferrous and nonferrous metals for use across Australia’s vital manufacturing, mining, and construction industries, saving it from wasteful landfills in a way that keeps the cost of raw materials down.

Recycling uses much less energy than excavating raw metal from the earth, making it a substantial way to reduce C02 emissions by using less fossil fuels.

Find a scrap metal recycling company with in-depth knowledge and high safety standards. Your business will reap the fiscal benefits, while showing your valued clients your prioritise environmental protection and a lower carbon footprint.

How scrap metal in Perth works

Most scrap metal is recovered from products, machinery, or structures at the end of their lifespan. The result is a highly durable metal that retains all of its initial strength and reliability quality standards.

To begin recycling metal, collect unwanted material from your work site and either drop them directly to one of C.D.Dodd’s scrap yards or book an efficient collection, before collecting your competitive compensation.

The metal recycling process

Scrap recyclers collate all possible metal remnants suitable for reuse, sorting ferrous (contains iron) and non-ferrous (no iron) materials together before shredding them into smaller pieces for more efficient melting.

Once fuel efficient furnaces melt each particle, they’re purified to remove impurities and ensure high-quality results. The metals are then cooled and solidified, ready for reshaping and reuse in new products such as white goods, cars, electronics, and much more.

Find a scrap metal recycling company with experience

Unless you send your unwanted metal to an experienced scrap metal recycler with a high safety record, you’re leaving them in the care of local authorities where they’re typically sent directly to a landfill.

C.D.Dodd are experts in quality recycling of scrap metal in Perth. Utmost consideration is placed on aiding companies and mine sites to collect and sell their waste materials, with competitive cash incentives boosting the clear environmental benefits of sending reusable metals to a premium recycling facility.

Safe scrap metal recycling with C.D.Dodd

Combining intensive safety training with modern techniques makes C.D.Dodd the leading supplier of reliable scrap recycling in Perth.

Find a scrap metal recycling company who supports local industries, while operating to the highest standards of safety that abide by all local, national, and global conventions.

Contact us today to book a collection, or to learn more about how recycling scrap metal can benefit your business.

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