Turn Your Scrap to Gold: Kalgoorlie

It’s well known that Kalgoorlie, and its surrounding areas, are home to the premier gold mines of the state of WA. The booming mining industry in the region, along with industrial and construction growth, brings a monumental boost to local economies every year.

What if mining for literal gold was not the only way to make a profit in the area? Not everyone can get their hands into the honey pot of mining, but the majority of Kalgoorlie businesses are sitting on a secret gold profit that requires no extra work. We’re talking about scrap metal recycling; turning your leftover materials into actual cash.

Recycling is key to Kalgoorlie

Whether you have recently begun to grow a local Kalgoorlie company, or are a long established member of this profitable community, you’ll have recognised the prevalence of interconnected businesses in our region. From automotive and repairs, to premium suppliers and hospitality services, everyone works together to ensure a profitable local economy.

For C.D.Dodd this means assisting with the safe and efficient recycling of reusable materials, especially for those businesses with a high degree of valuable scrap metal items. With booming industrial, mining, and construction industries, the Kalgoorlie economy can grow not only through development, but also profitable recycling.

Valuable scrap metal industries

Gold and nickel mining have become the clear leaders of income production for the region, bringing a multitude of related industries along with it. This construction and industrial focused environment yields valuable resources, but also leaves plenty along behind it. Thorough mine site deconstruction and demolition clean ups, from expert scrap metal recyclers, can result in a plethora of valuable recyclable materials that are worth a lot of money.

Commercial demolition and construction industries can also benefit fiscally from scrap metal recycling services. Our Kalgoorlie recycling plant can turn all general metal waste into an added profit for local businesses, clearing buildings as well as the removal of machinery and equipment from alloys to mill balls and liners.

Add value to your business

Scrap metal recycling is a key way to bring additional revenue to your business, while benefiting the environment and keeping your yards clear of hazards and eyesores. By clearing your recyclable waste you’re adding to the valuable cycle of keeping natural resources moving, from manufacturers and producers, back out to industrial and constructive industries.

An added service C.D.Dodd is proud to bring to the region is battery recycling, with drop off locations as well as a regular collection service including regional locations. Keeping a consistent flow of materials out to professional metal recyclers, from valuable copper and cost effective brass, to lucrative aluminum and batteries of all shapes and sizes, results in monetary benefits to your company as well as the overall Kalgoorlie economy.

Your local scrap recycler

With an extensive recycling facility located at 1 Coast Road, Kalgoorlie West WA 6430, C.D.Dodd are the experienced scrap metal recyclers you can rely on to add value to your business. For more information on our range of scrap metal services, including mine site recycling and demolition clean ups, contact us today on 08 9021 5090.

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