What our ISO accreditations mean for your business

Why you should choose an ISO certified company versus other companies

At C.D.Dodd we take quality of service very seriously. For us, this meant acquiring multiple ISO accreditations in order to ensure the highest compliance requirements are met for each key area of our business. ISO (the International Standards Organisation) is a globally recognised measure of the safety, quality, and efficiency of products or services provided by a company, as determined by an independent body.

Working solely with accredited scrap metal recyclers means you can trust each task is carried out to the highest standard, establishing a safe work environment for all involved while guaranteeing premium service is available for each valued customer.

Occupational Health and Safety Management

C.D.Dodd has ISO 4801, the occupational health and safety management accreditation. Operating within the field of scrap metal recycling and commercial demolition means risky environments are part and parcel of daily life. The safety of our workers is taken incredibly seriously, so acquiring ISO 4801 was a must, guaranteeing the highest standards are met.

As well as protecting each employee through premium health codes and safety standards, it allows accredited demolition companies like C.D.Dodd to identify and remedy any potential issues immediately, reducing the likelihood of hazards and accidents.

Environmental Management Systems

In order to guarantee each of our recycling and demolition processes are completed to the highest eco-friendly standards worldwide, C.D.Dodd acquired ISO 14001; environmental management systems. This important accreditation enables our business to enhance our environmental performance while fulfilling all compliance obligations.

As well as improving standards as premium scrap metal recyclers, it means each customer and their shareholders can rest assured knowing each service is carried out to an impeccable code. As one of the best scrap metal companies in WA, we believe achieving environmental objectives is important for the future of our country and economy.

Quality Management Systems

As one of the few highly accredited demolition companies in Western Australia, C.D.Dodd is proud to have ISO 9001 – quality management systems. As well as showing our focus on business improvement and achieving the highest standard of safety and performance, it proves a commitment to continually surpassing customer expectations.

IS0 9001 requires high levels of development and training for all staff members, ensuring each procedure and work processes is understood and followed to a serious degree. Consistency of service is highly valued here at C.D.Dodd, and working with our company means you will get the same quality of workmanship every time.

Quality of service from C.D.Dodd

In order to become one of the best scrap metal companies in WA, C.D.Dodd placed supreme importance on creating high standards of excellence for each work process, as well as a consistently high level of performance from each staff member.

Working with accredited scrap metal companies, regardless of your company size or industry, means getting the exact service and product you require every time. By operating in a responsive way to our customers, and strictly complying to each of our ISO accreditations, C.D.Dodd shows our commitment to continuous improvement of our business. For more information about our accreditations, or to discuss our scrap metal recycling services, simply get in touch today.

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