Where to take your scrap metal

Getting started with scrap metal recycling is both straightforward and rewarding. As well as searching for ‘scrap metal recyclers near me’ to find a convenient scrap yard location, there are long-term benefits to choosing a reliable, reputable supplier of scrap services like C.D.Dodd. Read on to learn more.

‘Where can I find scrap metal recyclers near me?’

If you’re a business located in Perth, C.D.Dodd’s accessible scrap yard in Forrestfield is a great place to start. However, transporting scrap metal is not for everyone, making the weekly collection service a helpful and safety-focused service. Simply gather metal parts, book a pick-up, and let our experienced team members handle the rest.

C.D.Dodd understands the difficulties of living in more remote areas of WA and has arranged regular scrap collection services across the Pilbara and Southwest. With a team of robust collection vehicles, safe battery recycling services, and thorough demolition and mine site clear-outs, no job is too large or too remote.

A guide to collecting scrap metal

Expert recyclers like C.D.Dodd collect both ferrous (contains iron) and non-ferrous (no iron) metals, but certain metals are more valuable than others:

  • Copper ($$$$) – air conditioners, refrigerators, microwaves, plastic insulation,  electrical wires, plumbing pipes
  • Brass ($$)  – housing and plumbing fixtures, door handles and locks, keys, hardware, lighting fixtures, gears, car parts
  • Steel ($)  – furniture, shelving, BBQ grills, kitchen equipment, steel hardware
  • Aluminium ($) – cables, window frames, car parts, gutters

Why choose an experienced scrap metal recycler?

Too often, valuable metal parts and components end up in toxic landfills as opposed to being safely recycled and reused in newly manufactured items. Arranging a scrap metal collection or scrap bin drop-off service with C.D.Dodd is not only better for the environment, it means far less energy is used to repurpose metal scraps than excavate raw metal ore from the earth.

Working with an established scrap metal recycling company means access to a quality service, where strict health and safety regulations are adhered to and leading environmental protocols are closely followed. With an extensive end-user network across the globe, each valued client receives a highly competitive revenue.

Flexible recycling services with C.D.Dodd

Extensive industry experience and an unbeaten safety record make C.D.Dodd the clear choice for safe and efficient metal recycling. Continuous investment in premium technology and top-quality training ensures a superior service in the purchase, collection, and recycling of scrap metal across WA.

Get in touch with C.D.Dodd today to book a scrap metal service.

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