Which Size Scrap Bin Do I Need

We outline the ideal use for all of our size bins so you don’t over or under cater!

As part of an efficient scrap metal collection service, a wide range of bin types are available to suit all requirements. Scrap metal bins delivery and pick-up are available for the location of your choosing, perfect for short-term projects that require a clean-up.

Scheduled collections are also available, managed by the professional and efficient team at C.D.Dodd Scrap Metal Recyclers Perth, with resilient vehicles and trucks easily removing all scrap in order for your production to continue without interruption.

Bin types

Small plastic bins

For short-term projects or residential clearouts, small-yet-sturdy plastic bins can easily do the job. The lightweight material is easy to manoeuvre, yet strong enough for safe removal by C.D.Dodd’s vehicles when full. Consider a small plastic bin for small workshop scrap.

Large plastic bins

A medium-sized plastic skip bin is suitable for most businesses, factories, and warehouses. The hardy materials cater for the collection of scrap metals and other materials, enabling a thorough clear-out of your company with a prompt collection from C.D.Dodd guaranteed.

Kibble bins

The collection of rougher stone and similar materials might require a kibble bin. Capable of holding a large amount of scrap and gravel, kibble bins work to either transport or remove remnants left after a building project or construction site clear-out.

As lightweight bins with heavyweight capacity, they’re designed to allow safe transference of materials, solid or liquid, and have multiple removal points at the side and bottom.

Skip bins

Skip bins are a reliable choice for smaller collections that still carry a hefty weight. Suitable for construction site clean up jobs, as well as metal-heavy projects, skip bins are an accommodating option.

Skip bin scrap metal removal can include compressor units, all variations of nuts and bolts, steel machine parts including turning and punchers, as well as small yet heavy machinery elements like steel plates and other offcuts.

Roll-on bins

Also known as roll-off bins, these sturdy builds are designed to host bulky items like heavy metal scrap and machinery parts. They’re available in a range of sizes, so depending on the exact scrap you need clearing we can advise which volume roll-on bin would suit best.

Examples of suitable scrap include car parts like motors and engines, corrugated steel, old metal roofing, white goods, pallets and shelving, large aluminium and steel wheels and rebars, and much more.

Scrap metal removal

With a wide variety of sizes and functionalities available, we offer different scrap metal bin options to suit your needs. Part of our reliable service includes coordinating drop off and collection or roll-on bins and skip bins, so as not to interrupt any ongoing work. If you have a unique job that needs a specific removal solution, we’re happy to provide custom services for large scale projects such as any mine site recycling and demolition.

Efficient service from C.D.Dodd

With multiple scrap metal buyers facilities located in both regional and urban areas of Western Australia, including Kalgoorlie and Karratha, C.D.Dodd is best placed to provide full scrap metal removal and recycling services to the businesses in and around Perth.
Providing a full collection service across the South-West, our knowledgeable team can assist with all scrap and metal recycling needs, advising on the most suitable bin size and design for your particular requirements. For more information, or to book a collection, get in touch today.

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