Why organise a scrap metal collection

While paper and glass recycling has become commonplace, recycling metal scrap is not always done. Considering that scrap metal recycling brings both added revenue and important environmentally-friendly benefits, it’s time you arrange a regular scrap metal pick-up for your household or business.

The beauty of recycling metal is it can be reused time and time again without losing its inherently robust nature. This presents immense possibilities, allowing metal scrap to be sold for profit and remade into anything from tins to vehicle parts.

Learn just how easy it is to collect metal components from your home or work, and why it’s so worthwhile organising a scrap metal collection from the experts at C.D.Dodd.

Benefits of arranging scrap metal pick up

Whether you drop off metal scrap in person or book an efficient scrap metal collection, there are multiple advantages to the regular recycling of wire, computer parts, copper, and much more.

Each metal item that is picked up will be sorted, shredded, melted, purified, and solidified for reuse, keeping unnecessary scrap out of toxic landfills and minimising the negative environmental effects of mining raw materials.

As well as reducing carbon emissions (greenhouse gases) from mining, there are serious economic advantages to recycling metals. Reusing metal to create new items keeps manufacturing costs low, helping stabilise the economy and create stable jobs.

How to prepare for a scrap metal collection

Getting organised before the collection of scrap metal bins from your home or mine site is a straightforward process, allowing you to maximise recycled materials while enabling the professionals at C.D.Dodd to offer a competitive price.

Both ferrous and non-ferrous items can be collected, with steel (ferrous, contains iron and carbon) the most recycled metal worldwide followed by aluminium, copper, silver, and gold (non-ferrous).

Simply place ferrous and non-ferrous metals in separate scrap metal bins, regardless of how small or large the components are, allowing the scrap yard to offer an accurate price for ‘organised’ rather than ‘unorganised’ scrap.

Arrange the collection or drop off of scrap metal bins

Arranging a scrap metal collection has never been easier, with regular pick-ups happening across Perth and WA each week thanks to a robust fleet of vehicles from C.D.Dodd. Access free scrap metal bins to collect items at your home or business, with flexible options available for pick up or drop off at a time that suits you.

If your work yard or mine site is overflowing with valuable metal scrap from cables to drill rods, the expert team at C.D.Dodd provides reliable commercial scrap and demolition services. With industrial recycling facilities in East Perth as well as the extended South West, there’s no reason not to undertake efficient waste management with the bonus of selling unwanted scrap.

Expert scrap metal recycling services from C.D.Dodd

Start recycling your scrap metal today, thanks to the wide range of bins and efficient scrap metal pick-up services offered by the industry experts at C.D.Dodd.

Contact C.D.Dodd today to arrange the pick-up or drop off of scrap metal bins – from small containers to large skips – or to book a scrap metal collection for your home or business.

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