Choose The Right Scrap Metal Dealer

For local WA businesses looking to dispose of waste materials, working with a professional scrap metal recycler is the most appropriate, and responsible choice. To ensure these scrap materials and metals are recycled in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, it’s important to choose experienced recyclers, who can offer quality of service as well as … Continue reading Choose The Right Scrap Metal Dealer

How To Properly Demolish a Mine Site

Our step by step process to safely decommissioning a mine site Mine site deconstructions are tricky tasks, yet an essential part of safely completing any mining project. Mining is a key industry here in Western Australia, and ensuring safe demolitions is essential to its continued growth. The process is a complex one, requiring careful compliance… Continue reading How To Properly Demolish a Mine Site

What our ISO accreditations mean for your business

Why you should choose an ISO certified company versus other companies At C.D.Dodd we take quality of service very seriously. For us, this meant acquiring multiple ISO accreditations in order to ensure the highest compliance requirements are met for each key area of our business. ISO (the International Standards Organisation) is a globally recognised measure… Continue reading What our ISO accreditations mean for your business

What Happens to Used Batteries?

Let us dispose of them responsibly for you For many companies within the building, construction, and mining industries, vehicles are a core part of operations. As well as enabling a faster and more efficient workflow, many forms of heavy-duty forms of vehicles are machinery on wheels; allowing excavations, robust development, and shifting of bulky materials.… Continue reading What Happens to Used Batteries?

Scrap Metal…Know The Risks

There is no question about it, disposing of scrap waste metals involves risks. When those risks involve potential personal injury that could possibly even impact someone’s ability to work, it’s a no brainer that hiring a professional will save you in the long term. With a diverse range of potential risks ranging from chemical burns,… Continue reading Scrap Metal…Know The Risks

How Metal Is Recycled

Scrap metal recycling has become a core part of the way our contemporary world operates. With high levels of commercial and industrial development and the surrounding production industries, the use of metal materials globally is on an astronomical scale.  The waste materials created before, during, and after large scale projects such as mining and construction… Continue reading How Metal Is Recycled