Choose The Right Scrap Metal Dealer

For local WA businesses looking to dispose of waste materials, working with a professional scrap metal recycler is the most appropriate, and responsible choice. To ensure these scrap materials and metals are recycled in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, it’s important to choose experienced recyclers, who can offer a quality of service as well as factors such as location and competitive pricing are practical elements to consider, alongside friendly customer service. Located in Forrestfield, as well as regular collections, C.D. Dodd is proud to offer easy access to all WA residents. The following guide outlines other important factors to weigh when choosing the best scrap metal dealer for your needs.

Top standards of safety

Just like any professional service, it’s vital to consider whether the business in question provides a safe environment for employees and customers. Scrap metal yards and the metal recycling processes come with specific risks, and C.D.Dodd shows an ongoing commitment to safe practices through intensive training for each worker, as well as continuous appraisal of the yard’s health codes and safety standards.

With an ISO 4801 accreditation for Occupational Health and Safety management, C.D.Dodd has a proven focus on safe operations and immediately fixing potential hazards. Investing in premium equipment and new machinery means safe, modern procedures are followed for all scrap metal services.

Environmentally friendly

Considering the ethical stance of any service provider has become a growing concern for many West Australians. For scrap metal dealers, this hones in their commitment to following environmentally friendly processes in order to minimize energy and material waste.

Scrap metal recycling is at its core an environmentally friendly practice, as it reuses metals rather than dumping them. With an ISO accreditation for ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems – C.D.Dodd has proven their ability to go above and beyond when it comes to sustainable practices and regulation compliance, while reaching the highest global standards for eco-friendly processes.

Quality of service from C.D.Dodd

By focusing on creating progressive solutions within all areas of business, C.D.Dodd operates at a high functioning capacity, offering a customised service to each customer depending on their particular needs. A priority on customer service has created many loyal customers over the years, and we place a high value on the trust and respect created by these great client relations.

As long-term leading scrap metal recyclers in Perth and WA, each employee is highly trained and experienced in handling materials and metals of both ferrous and non-ferrous varieties; copper, aluminium, steel, brass, car batteries, and circuit boards.

Premium scrap metal recyclers

By offering flexible collection times, long opening hours, and multiple facilities across the state of WA, C.D.Dodd has grown to become leading scrap metal dealers and recyclers for both commercial and personal customers.

A commitment to quality and friendly service goes hand in hand with superior safety standards, and a forward thinking approach to environmentally friendly processes. Book a scrap metal collection today and choose a manner that works for you, or call and arrange to drop off or purchase scrap materials. A nationwide is also available for high value projects. For more information don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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