Find The Best Scrap Metal Dealer

The general view of scrap metal dealers is that they might try to swindle you, and they can’t be trusted – but not all scrap yards are like this, you just need to do your research. Make sure the business is experienced, trusted by locals, and carries out efficient, quality services. Safety is also an important consideration, as you want to work with a business which takes the security of their customers and staff seriously.

Variety of Scrap Metal

When you’re looking for scrap metal dealers, you’ll want a business that has an impressive industrial scrap yard with a huge collection, so that you can find everything you need. C.D. Dodd has over 50 years of experience, and after all these years we’ve created a recycling base that’s a gold mine for reusable metals. You’ll find anything from generators and gearboxes to tanks and pumps in our premium scrap yard.

Efficiency & Expert Service

Whether you’re having scrap metal picked up, or you’re looking to buy from a scrap metal dealer, your focus will be on how efficient and reliable the service is. Time is short when you’re running a business, and the last thing you need is a dodgy scrap metal dealer wasting your time. If you’re looking for trusted, local scrap metal recyclers in Perth, then C.D. Dodd is the way to go. We provide fast and reliable scrap metal collection, and our team is dedicated to providing the best service.

The Importance of Safety

A scrap metal recycling facility can be a dangerous place for both employees and customers, as various hazardous materials are handled and disposed of on-site. When customers come to pick up scrap metal, or drop off metal for recycling, they must be properly taken care of to make sure they avoid any risky areas of the facility.

Also, it’s always good to know that a business is looking after their employees and taking any steps they can to avoid accidents. Workers in the scrap metal industry are at risk of falling from heights, fires or explosions, and issues arising from manual handling of products – so employers should follow health and safety regulations to the letter to ensure these problems don’t happen.

A Safety-Focused Scrap Metal Dealer

Here at C.D. Dodd, we prioritise the safety of our customers and staff by implementing strict safety and security measures across our facility. Our team is consistently trained in new safety practices, so that they’re kept up-to-date and are prepared for any challenges that come up. We even have an ISO 4801 accreditation for Occupational Health and Safety Management which shows how strongly we focus on creating safe operations.

Convenient Location

When you’re choosing a scrap metal dealer for your business, you’ll need a company in a convenient location so that it makes the process easy and efficient. C.D. Dodd has a high-quality fleet of vehicles which can provide scrap metal collection for businesses all across WA. Whether you’re a small commercial business or a large corporation, our team can carry out pick ups and demolitions wherever you are. We also have a centrally located scrap yard in Forrestfield, Perth for any businesses in the city.

Consider C.D. Dodd For Your Scrap Metal Dealer

C.D. Dodd offers all of these requirements and more, with flexible collection times and long opening hours as well. We pride ourselves on providing friendly, dependable service to customers across WA, and will help you with all your scrap metal recycling needs. Get in touch today if you would like to book some scrap metal collection, or feel free to drop by and check out the wide selection of scrap metal and parts that we have available for purchase.

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