Is Recycled Metal As Good As New?

Two primary processes to recycle metal

We’ve all become accustomed to recycling paper and plastic on a daily basis, both at home and out in the world. So why does everyone not recycle metal materials? The answer is – they should be!

Almost every kind of metal is reusable, and thanks to the magic of its inherent properties, it can be recycled without harming its integrity or durability. Metal is an incredibly versatile material, used in both minuscule capacities and immense structures. Rather than waste valuable resources sourcing new materials for construction and manufacturing processes, choose recycled metal to save time and money while conserving energy.

What is recycled metal?

Is recycled metal as strong as it is new? Absolutely! The key lies within the two main methods of recycling metal, which centre around adding carbon while removing impurities, to create a finished product that is just as good as its raw material.

You may not realise it, but much of the metal – in particular steel – you see around you has been reformed from recycled materials, saving an immense amount of precious resources in the process. There are two main methods used to recycle metal while preserving its strength:

BOF process

Using approximately 30% recovered steel, the BOF process (basic oxygen furnace) removes impurities by combining molten iron with pure oxygen, with the resulting metal used to create tough items like fenders, cans, industrial drums, and metal linings.

EAF process

This highly efficient method creates refined steel using majority scrap metal, through the EAF process (electric arc furnace). Powerful electrics create liquid steel from recycled materials, before intense refinement takes place to create incredibly robust reinforced beams, bars, plates, and more – ideal for the manufacturing industries.

Benefits of recycled metal

Similar to other recycled materials, the mass reuse of metal has the power to influence global prices for these much needed resources. Mass recycling means lower costs for producing metal materials, creating reduced prices across all industries while promoting environmental sustainability.

Energy conservation is another key benefit, as the power used to create recycled metals isn’t even comparable to what it takes to mine raw materials. Preserving the earth’s resources while reducing emissions is a powerful choice to make when deciding between recycled and new metal.

So, is recycled metal as strong as it is new?

The answer is a resounding yes. Just like paper and plastic can be recycled into durable products perfect for reuse, recycled metal offers no negatives in terms of power, durability, or strength when compared to raw material metal.

Thinking progressively for your business and recycling metal is not only a practical financial decision, in terms of saving money, but works toward a united long term goal of preserving resources and reducing unnecessary emissions and environmental harm.

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