Make Your Business More Energy Efficient

The surprising way scrap metal recycling helps businesses improve energy efficiency

Together, electricity and energy use accounts for more than 53% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing energy use across all sectors of the economy is a priority if we hope to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

So what does scrap metal recycling have to do with energy efficiency? A lot, as it turns out. And the benefits for businesses go beyond feeling good about combatting climate change.

The top 3 ways scrap metal recycling makes Australia’s businesses more energy efficient

1.    Reducing raw material demand

Lower demand for virgin steel means less ore dug out of the ground. It also means less ore sent overseas and less finished steel imported by emissions-heavy shipping.

Creating a circular steel economy by recycling scrap metal reduces the cost of steel and decreases overall energy use while still producing high-quality steel. Those are some big wins for Australian businesses.

2.    Less metal waste

Australia generates around 6.6 million tonnes of metal waste every year. Businesses account for 4.5 million tonnes, with households generating a little over 1 million.

By recycling scrap metal into usable material, Australia’s biggest energy consumers can reduce demand on primary processing and metal waste, addressing two related issues.

3.    Removing links in the precious metal supply chain

Thanks to technological advancements over the last few decades, metal can be recycled several times without losing its valuable properties.

Steel retains its strength. Copper keeps its conductivity. Gold and silver can be salvaged from computers and electronics, smelted, and put back into new devices and other uses.

Rather than expending energy to process and ship precious metals, we can recycle electronics right here in Australia, giving high-value elements another life.

How to make your business more energy efficient

We’re already doing a decent job as a country. The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates the metal waste recovery rate to be 76%, driven mainly by scrap metal recycling and exports.

However, we can be doing more.

Partner with a local scrap metal recycler

Increasing domestic scrap metal recycling will decrease waste exports, helping to reduce overall energy use. If you’re not sure where to start, the best idea is to call a local scrap metal recycling expert like CD Dodd for advice.

Our specialist services, including mine demolition and battery recycling, help Australian businesses become more energy efficient.

Know what metal can be recycled

Most metal can be recycled – but not everything can go in the same bin.

Recyclable metal Non-recyclable metal
Aluminium Paint cans
Steel, including construction steel Motor oil cans
Copper Grease traps
Brass Propane gas tanks
Bronze Radioactive metal

Not sure whether you can recycle your scrap metal? Call CD Dodd to find out.

Get your workforce and customers involved

Involving stakeholders in scrap metal recycling drives is a great way to build loyalty in your local community. For example, our state-wide battery recycling services encourage regional and remote businesses to collect old batteries for recycling.

You can use a battery drive as a fundraiser, community greening initiative or social activity. We’ll handle the logistics.

Ready to reduce your energy use?

Contact CD Dodd, Perth’s premier scrap metal recycling company. We can help your business find ways to cut energy use and save costs by recycling scrap metal locally.

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