Why is Copper So Valuable

If you’re considering recycling copper or bringing scrap wiring to a metal recycling facility, you might be pleasantly surprised by the strength of copper scrap metal prices.

It’s been called the “new oil” and “Doctor Copper”, and its market price is used as an indicator of global economic health.

Copper is undoubtedly one of the most valuable metals. Everyone from scrap recyclers to smartphone manufacturers are scrambling to get their hands on copper, but why?

Three reasons copper scrap metal prices are rising

  1. Copper is an excellent conductor

Copper is a fantastic conductor of electricity and heat. So good, in fact, that copper is the standard by which other non-precious metals are measured.

Alloying copper with other metals is the key to harnessing copper’s electrical conductivity without overheating. For that reason, most copper you find in your home or business is alloyed with other metals.

  1. It’s used everywhere

Copper’s main uses today are energy transfer, power generation and electronics. But you will also find it used in construction, transport, pipes, motors, semiconductors – the list is almost endless.

From the smallest device to the largest factory equipment, copper is one of the essential materials that make our world work.

  1. We’re running out

Demand for copper is rising exponentially. New industries, urbanisation, construction booms and billions of electronic devices all rely on copper.

According to analysts, scrap recycling will be key to keeping up with demand. Recycling copper reduces energy use and greenhouse emissions, plus lowers the cost of copper up to 90%, easing the pressure on prices and the environment.

How to recycle copper with a scrap recycler

We know that copper is ubiquitous and valuable.

Copper is also one of the many metals that can be recycled without losing its valuable properties. In 2019, recycled copper accounted for 35% of the total supply in the US.

So how can you take advantage of high prices by recycling copper with CD Dodd?

Bring in your old wiring

Copper is commonly found in electrical wiring, generators, and appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners and stoves. Don’t throw out old wiring without checking for copper if you are renovating or building. CD Dodd pays Perth’s most competitive copper scrap metal prices.

Prepare copper for recycling

Sorting and stripping wiring makes recycling copper easier, which could increase the price we’re willing to pay.

  • Remove fixtures and fittings
  • Strip the wire to remove insulation
  • Sort scrap metal based on copper content

If you are competent and confident, sorting your scrap wiring before bringing it in can really pay off.

Organise a copper recycling collection

CD Dodd is a state-wide scrap recycler. Our operations in Perth, Port Hedland, Karratha and Kalgoorlie are ready to receive your scrap copper.

Alternatively, we can come to you. As a full-service scrap metal recycling company, we can even help demolish mine sites and reclaim valuable metals like copper.

So if you’re sitting on a copper stash, give CD Dodd a call to find out what it could be worth.

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